Is it me, or is 1PW kind of a mess?

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I've installed 1PW on one of my Win10 PCs and two of my iOS devices, and frankly-- I;m struggling with it. On the Windows side, the tiles for individual vaults are visually HUGE and so it takes constant scrolling to move around in my vault collection. Searching for help is pretty much a waste, as is searching for a specific key pair in my vaults--the search function doesn't seem to find things. And it might be that it's just me, but I'm finding both the website and the app instances to be poorly documented and unintuitive, which is pretty much the kiss of death on an iOS device. And no, I'm not a totally clueless user--20yrs experience managing data center security and turning to 1PW in search of a pw manager easier to keep synchronized than the KeePass I've used for years. Aaaaarrrgggghhhh!

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    No, it's not you. 1PW8 is a mess. Search is completely broken, sidebar is a waste of space if don't have a huge number of accounts or vaults, keyboard shortcut prefs ignore non US keyboards, QR code scanner only available in browser but not in main application, the UI completely ignores even the most basic concepts of the OS' UI (worse on macOS than on Windows), ...

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    Hi @User1234:

    Thanks for your feedback here! We've recently tuned the spacing and sizing of text in our beta releases. As for search, do you have an example of an item name you're searching for, and the search query you're using that doesn't seem to be finding it? Let me know!


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