I have 1Password7 on a Mac. Wish to share vault(s) with another person. What do they/we need?

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I have been using 1Password 7 since early 2016. Love the product. However, I've always had help with sharing vaults. I've got a couple of people I'd like to share vaults with. They do not have a subscription yet. What do they/we need? Is there a way for me to pay for their subscriptions in my own? Do I need a different product?

Thank you for your time and upcoming feedback.


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    Hi @zeemarie, Welcome to the 1Password Support Community, and thanks for your kind words about the app. 👋

    To start, do you intend to share data related to your work/project, or are you wanting to share personal items?

    If the former, you may be interested in trying out 1Password Business, which offers an easy way to create and share vaults. To accomplish this, you would just need to invite these people as separate users to your business account. They would then each create their own password and save their Emergency Kit PDF when prompted (containing their Secret Key), required to sign in to 1Password on their devices.

    Another great benefit of 1Password Business is the free 1Password Families membership every full team member can choose to redeem. Using multiple accounts you could safely store your work and personal data in vaults in the respective accounts, but access specific information when you want it. It sounds like you may already be using 1Password with an account on your Mac, so you could go link your existing account with your business as well, to redeem this perk.

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