1Password 8: In-App Browser [no in-app browser planned for v8]

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Hello 1Password Team,

great work! Version 8 looks very good und I'm corious about the next versions and upcoming features.

In the current version I miss only the (for me important) In-App Browser. I many cases the workflow is some times faster then with Safari, Edge & Co.

Will the In-App Browser come back?

Best regards

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  • BKrnkBKrnk
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    Wird es in Zukunft auch wieder die Möglichkeit geben Webseiten innerhalb der App zu öffnen und hier ebenfalls unterschiedliche Engines auszuwählen? (Safari, Chrome, „.Mac“)

  • rudyrudy

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    Thanks for the question, we will not be bringing the in-app browser to 1Password 8 for iOS.

  • majortommajortom
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    That's not nice. When I don't use Safari with 1Password Extension (e.g. Edge for iOS), it's currently very cumbersome to open a website out from 1Password and fill the login field.

    1Password 7:
    Tap the website in 1Password. In-App Browser Open the Website und automatic fill the fields
    1 Tap

    1Password 8:

    • Tap the website
    • Choose the option what happens
    • Browser will be opened. Edge in my case
    • Tap into unsername oder password field
    • Tap on Passwords "Keyboard"
    • 1Password will be unlocked und fields are filled

    With 1Password it takes longer and I have to do more taps.

    And I don't feel like saving my dozens of server URLs in 1Password and as a browser favorite: Double data storage and management.

  • ag_kevinag_kevin Junior Member

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    Hi @majortom ,

    There is an App Store rule that apps with web browsers must be rated 17+ in the App Store. Unfortunately, with 1Password 7, many families could not use 1Password with all of their family members. For this reason, we made the difficult decision to not put a browser in 1Password 8.

    We have sent feedback to Apple to allow web extensions in third party browsers, and that should make things more convenient. Until then, using Autofill in third party browsers, or AutoFill or the Safari Extension in Safari are the best browsing/filling options.


  • servingtheneverservingthenever
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    Aww :(
    I was just about to make a post and ask about that. Apple can be a pain sometimes lol.

    Hopefully, they can review and possibly change their guidelines and hopefully that this can come back as a feature for 1Password because I personally used the in-app browser in 1Password 7 (iOS) a ton.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I hope that ultimately having an extension in the browser, rather than having a browser in the app, will be a better solution. This is what is currently available with Safari:

    Get to know 1Password for Safari on your iPhone or iPad

    but it isn't yet available in other browsers.


  • majortommajortom
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    @ag_kevin @Ben

    Thanks for the information and the great support. As much as I love Apple, sometimes I "hate" it ;-)
    I'm curious about iOS 16 and whether Apple will open up a bit and no longer place so many restrictions.

  • bpjonesbpjones
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    Resurrecting an old conversation, but came across an interesting article today about Facebook be Instagram’s in-app browsers that seems to refute the point that apps with a built in browser need to be rated 18+. While it’s hard to set aside the gross nature of the purported behavior described in the article, I’m wondering what the technicality is that makes their in-app browser ok?

  • SyberCorpSyberCorp
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    Just to add to the list of issues the lack of an in-app browser creates, there are several sites I use 1Password with for simple form filling, With one site, for example, to gain access to the form you have to provide Last Name, DOB, and account number. Because none of those fields are “password” fields, there is no key icon in Safari or any way to launch 1Password to fill in those fields. Then, after filling those fields another way (manually or copy/paste), you’re taken to the form where I’d normally be able to have 1Password fill in my credit card info, address, etc. but once again, there is no way I bring up 1Password to do so because of it not detecting a password field.

    I get the issue with the age rating causing problems for SOME users, but why would you not keep the browser for the majority of us that NEED it and just add a toggle to disable it for those that don’t/can’t, rather than screwing us all over in one swoop?

  • SyberCorpSyberCorp
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    @Ben Is this something you can speak to? Maybe there's something that I'm missing somewhere, that would allow 1Password on iOS Safari to work for form filling as I mentioned in the above comment.

  • albatrossalbatross
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    I agree with @SyberCorp. I haven’t switched to 1Password 8 specifically for this reason.

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