1Password 8 Mac Electron App Experiment

Is the 1Password 8 Mac electron app experiment about over so the dev team can get back to building a quality native app for the Mac? The other option is staying on 1Password 7 till I move my family account and three companies I consult with to another platform. I loved 1Password 7, 6, etc., but this version 8 is a mess. (Granted, it's better than most electron apps, but that is not a high bar)

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  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    Hi @jdwusami,

    1Password 8 for Mac is still in development, but it will be, as planned, a hybrid app: the back-end core, where most of the computational work goes on, is written in Rust, and the front-end is Typescript and React bundled with Electron.

    This design has been chosen for a number of reasons - including security, performance, and user experience consistency - that have been discussed in a number of blog posts, as well as here in the forums.

    In short, if you feel that Electron is an absolute deal-breaker, and that you cannot under any circumstances make use of an app that includes it, then you can certainly stay on 1Password 7, although as an older SKU this will not receive the same kind of feature updates that 1Password 8 will.

    It's clear that you're passionate about 1Password, and we appreciate that. With that said, we feel that 1Password 8 is a very strong offering, and improves on its predecessor in a number of key ways. We are also dedicated to making it more robust, featureful, and performant on an ongoing basis too - so the Stable release of 1Password 8 for Mac, when it comes, won't be the end of the story - just as 1Password 7.9.828 is a substantially better product than earlier versions of 1Password 7.

    this version 8 is a mess. (Granted, it's better than most electron apps, but that is not a high bar)

    If you'd like to share any aspects of the app that you think aren't up to par, I'm happy to listen, and to pass the feedback on to our development team as well.

  • jdwusamijdwusami Junior Member
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    I read the blog post, but it’s still a massive mistake to a great native Mac app. It would be best if you listened to your customers on this as everyone is pushing back against this mistake for a reason.

    Granted, I agree with this author that the blog post is an indictment of SwiftUI. "Apple shares the blame, though. If today’s SwiftUI was truly the One True Tool to unify Apple’s platforms that it’s meant to be in the future, the Mac version of 1Password would be presented in SwiftUI. And perhaps in a year or two, that will happen—after all, the SwiftUI version of 1Password is right over there on iOS, ready to make the move when it’s feasible."

    When feedback to an announcement is as follows, the developer needs to reconsider the misstep. I still hope for a SwiftUI Mac app as I won't migrate to yet another horrible electron app as I have to deal with when using Microsoft Teams.


  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    Hi @jdwusami, thanks once again for the feedback.

    I respect the fact that you think going with Electron is a mistake - but again, there were a number of engineering and design reasons behind this decision, so our focus here has been what's going to provide the best experience for the customer, as it has been from the beginning.

    If possible, we'd love to hear about what specific concerns you have. Does it have to do with the UI? Or how certain workflows in the app? How security measures are implemented? These are all things we are constantly working to improve and perfect.

    What I'm trying to say is: not all apps that make some use of Electron are the same, and the fact that 1Password 8 uses it doesn't make it equivalent to other apps that provide a sub-par experience (not singling anyone out in particular here). Rather, we're dedicated to making an app experience par excellence, and so far we've found that the best way to do it is with a combination of languages I mentioned in the post above, which includes (yes) Electron as part of the overall product.

    In case you're curious, here are a few resources around this topic:

    Our electron hardener, which we have provided for free to the community so that other developers can use it as well: https://github.com/1password/electron-hardener

    Mitchell Cohen, product lead at 1Password, discusses Electron app hardening at Northsec conference: https://nsec.io/session/2021-how-to-harden-your-electron-app.html

    Users on Reddit have noted that 1Password's performance is: really good!

    And it's hard to say it better than Roustem did here:

    "We are trying to build the best experience possible with the tools we have today. 1Password desktop app was rewritten from scratch several times and if there is a better technology with clear advantages available tomorrow, we will be there to adopt it.

    We argue the differences between AppKit, SwiftUI, Catalyst, Electron, Tauri, etc but it is also a very low-level discussion in many ways. It is very important for us to make 1Password better as a product: add features that were on the back-burner for years, make it easier to new users, make it more powerful for advanced users, support both individual/family and business customers, try to not break existing workflows that people had for years and at the same time also create new better ones."

    And in truth, this has already begun to happen. We've been able to roll out a number of new features in just the last few months thanks to the streamlining of processes that the current approach makes possible. The apps will benefit across the board as a result. 👍

  • gussicgussic
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    This is just my two cents.


    Does it have to do with the UI?

    The UI is ok, it's just not as nice and intuitive as the previous v7. I feel like it's more basic, or simplified if that makes sense. It also suffers the same issue most Electron Apps do - it becomes sluggish over time and requires a hard restart of the App and accompanying helpers/processes to regain fluid UI performance. The Window control icons (close, minimise/hide and maximise) also get half cut off if you have the App window open in the background for a significant portion of time - WhatsApp also does this.

    The web browser extensions are also hungrier for system resources than the old 'desktop app dependent' versions - but i guess that isn't really anything to do with Electron, and more just a general development modification for simplicities sake.

    I've certainly learnt to hate the Electron App less and less but the mere fact it's still in Early Access/Beta on macOS and is in production on Windows obviously says something.

  • viswizviswiz
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    Being a software developer for 25 years I'm interested in technology and everything you've used to create 1PW8. But as a user I care about usabality and platform integration. Sadly both of those points are substandard in version 8.
    Almost every workflow I've regulary used in 7 was either removed or replaced by something else that typically requires much more user interaction than before.

    • I have only two vaults and the second one is rarely used. I never got into tags. My main feature to organize was switching categories in the sidebar. Now I have an obsolete sidebar and a category switcher that requires more clicks and even worse hides the information, i. e. I have to click to open up a list of categories, have to refocus on this list and click again.
    • Search is a total mess. I've used search all the day before. In 7 I didn't had to care about how something in the vault was written. I could just type any part of a word and the result was immediatly shown. Now I get only a fraction of the results because someone at Agilebits thought it might be better to only search for full words and even than hide some results unless you hit CMD + Return. Definately a dealbreaker.
    • The password generator is available in the main app and the browser plugin. But why did you remove the QR code scanner from the main app? I typically create accounts including passwords within the main application. Now I'm forced to use the browser plugin just to scan QR codes.

    Regarding platform integration:

    • I really don't care if you use Electron are something else as long as you stick with the most basic UI principles of the OS. Don't use a complete custom UI, i. e. on macOS windows have either 'traffic lights' in the top left corner in order to close/maximise/minimise a window or in case of modal dialogues cancel and ok buttons. They never ever have a X in the top right corner.
    • macOS offers a systemwide accent color configurable by the user. Please use it.
  • DitchComfortDitchComfort
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    I still have a 1Password account but I only use it on my phone. And I’m still looking for another app but have a hard time to go all-in. Every time I try the new 1P8 on my Mac, I just feel sad. Hard to explain but… But that’s where we are heading, and I keep looking for another solution 😜

  • gussicgussic
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    @DitchComfort if you have an iPhone the inbuilt password manager is actually pretty darn good. The only place where 1P is better than it for auto filling is for OTPs

  • tomjepptomjepp
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    +1 on @viswiz's points.

    I agree with all of them, but also:

    • the UI elements all look enough like native elements (but never quite right) that I expect them to act like them, but they all have different behaviours that are jarring every time I use them. Even text boxes are close-but-not-quite, dropdowns are particularly guilty of this. If you'd gone for a very visually different design it would actually bug me less, but the uncanny valley you've hit is the worst place to be. It's an indecisive middle-of-the-road approach. I assume that it stems from 'how can we make this inoffensive on all platforms', but it just feels off everywhere.
    • there's an obsession with keyboard shortcuts in 1P8 - every new feature feels like it needs you to memorise some new keyboard shortcut. Search no longer filters a live view, it shows a few suggestions and needs a keyboard shortcut to actually show me results. Quick Access is nothing but this. It's a horrible UI change for me and makes 1P8 massively harder to use.
    • old flows are nearly all made longer or replaced with flows that are designed for users with lots of vaults or lots of accounts. The aforementioned search changes, the category changes, the constant pushing of vault collections which makes low numbers of vaults more awkward and annoying to use
    • Quick Access requires you to memorise keyboard shortcuts or search syntax to be able to do things that 1Password Mini had actual UI for. It's a horrible approach that is so opaque to use and an absolute usability disaster. Paired with the fact that search doesn't work as well as it used to makes it considerably more awful to use.
  • dtoubdtoub
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    Totally agree with all the above. I’ve complained about many of the same things re: (not so) Quick Access. My biggest gripes are:

    • I now click the icon and get a dropdown for Quick Access and Open 1PW. This is stupid; if I wanted to open the app, I’d click on 1PW in the Dock (or simply type 1PW in Alfred).
    • Too many keyboard shortcuts to memorize, and why should I have to do this to copy a password?
    • Once I’ve found the item I need, I now have to either click to get to the point of being able to copy a password, or else invoke three keys as a keyboard shortcut to do this.
    • As I have mentioned in another thread, the new search functionality in Quick Access is terrible and is different from that of the browser extension (which uses the previous, correct, search methodology).

    I’ve been a longtime user of 1PW like many folks here, and want to keep using it. I got past my revulsion of subscription models and have been a subscriber for a few years now. I get that 1PW 7, while still in use for some time, is eventually going to be deprecated (certainly it will get fewer updates than 1PW 8 as one of the devs mentioned in another thread). So I want 1PW 8 to be better. While it has evolved from the earlier versions of the beta, it still has a ways to go. Regressions and making things more complicated is not a good approach. I actually hate it when I have to unlock 1PW now, since it rarely defaults to TouchID on my Mac, and I also hate having to invoke Quick Access for all the reasons I mentioned above. It’s all fixable, but it would be nice to fix it already.

    And as mentioned in another thread, I still don’t have my set category sticking after reopening 1PW…

  • Ivan_KIvan_K
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    Another +1 to @viswiz and @tomjepp mentioned issues.

    I am a 1Password user since 2014 (v4). In fact I bought my first iOS device (iPad) knowing that 1P is running great there and loved it already on my Mac.

    Do I miss any functionality in v7? Nope. Nothing.

    It has all the collaboration features I ever need from this application, it runs great on the shiny M1 machine with macOS 12.1 on it.

    The only thing I miss from the v6 days is light color on the left sidebar with categories. I hoped that dev team just change the behaviour so that 1P v7 has light/dark UI just as macOS supports for some time now or at least provides an option to change it, but that just did not happen.

    Overall though - for sure I am much more happy with v7 at the moment as with v8. It still feels much less intuitive and polished in actual use, requiring more interaction and keyboard shortcuts. Have not used keyboard shortcuts with 1P at all, so this all feels like pushing me into a strange territory.

    Moreover, being IT admin for years, I see that generally, the less tech savvy person is - the less he/she uses keyboard shortcuts. No doubt that this whole "shortcuts" push will be much less preferred way of interacting with the app as it is possible with v7.

    1Password is one of the very few apps that I am completely fine with paying subscription for and I am really glad to support it's development in this way. Even though my main vault is still "standalone" one resting on iCloud (with all different attachments, that just started to gain similar support in 1P vaults) - I will be also fine fully moving to 1P vaults due to years of experience with the application and full trust on the devs.

    Pushing a subpar experience with v8 however is not something I am looking for at all. I am using Macs since 2013 and enjoy the extra polish of the apps written for this platform. I really don't care what happens in the Windows world since, well... Microsoft does not seem to care much about Windows at all (never-mind polishing user experience) - all releases I have tested and administered after Windows 8 was released feel like beta software. Unlike Apple who is always pushing for maximum polish. Seriously apps in Big Sur / Monterey just pleasure to use in many ways because of the great attention to detail and one design language.

    I really feel like Mac community who is for sure the most loyal 1Password users and customers really deserve to get as polished experience as ever and if for one reason or another v8 is not able to provide it, than it only makes sense to allocate appropriate resources to continue polishing v7. Clearly 1P is a financial success so from the long term user side of things - I see no real "excuses" not too.

    I hope AgileBits crew sticks to it's roots and continue to provide the best password manager out there, not allowing for some serious compromises.

    1Password 7 functionality wise is already amazing. There is no point in rushing and pushing "changes for the sake of changes". I doubt that today most users utilise even half of the functionality v7 already provides.

    1P does not need chat functionality, project management features, integrated audio player or video editor. Today, with even external item sharing that was added in v7.9 - 1Password is literally "can do it all" application that it should be.

    I am even surprised that AgileBits team even considers to "drop" such amazing native macOS application / experience that 1Password 7 is today in favour of compromised solution that clearly cannot be a homerun as things stand now, since the core tools are still missing the important bits that native Apple development tools provide for it's own platform.

    I wish all of us 1Password 7 users will be able to hold to the native experience for years to come and that if at the end of the day AgileBits teams decides to pull it - the shift will happen only when v8 (or other version) will compromise nothing.

    v7 is literally a historical achievement in app development with a long history and trackable evolution path. It is a native citizen in the Apple world. It does not deserve to end up in the bin.

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi folks:

    Thanks for your feedback here.


    I now click the icon and get a dropdown for Quick Access and Open 1PW. This is stupid; if I wanted to open the app, I’d click on 1PW in the Dock (or simply type 1PW in Alfred).

    I can definitely see how this would be frustrating, so I've added your feedback to an issue around this.
    ref: dev/core/core#10768

    Too many keyboard shortcuts to memorize, and why should I have to do this to copy a password?

    Clicking the menu icon on a row result will take you to the page to take actions on an item. Would you mind elaborating on how you'd prefer to copy a password from Quick Access?

    As I have mentioned in another thread, the new search functionality in Quick Access is terrible and is different from that of the browser extension (which uses the previous, correct, search methodology).

    As mentioned elsewhere, we're still fine tuning the way search works to both behave as expected and give you the results you expect, while also working across multiple languages.


    As Peter mentioned above, our goal is always to make the best experience we can, regardless of the engineering or or design decisions behind it. We're happy to discuss and converse about specific concerns you may have.


  • dtoubdtoub
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    Thanks for the response. To answer your question: if i select an item below the search box, rather than just Open & Fill, it would be nice to have Copy Password (or make this option user-configurable as to what to have here). I'm usually already in an app or on a web site and want to copy the password (if autofill is just not recognizing the site URL, which does sometimes happen based on certain sites and isn't really 1PW's fault).

  • temtexdenttemtexdent
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    Using 8 since it launched. My biggest frustration is just inconsistency. I never am quite sure what sort of thing will work for a specific website. Sometimes it wants a keyboard shortcut. Sometime it seems to work fine. I am not a programmer and don't know if this has anything to do with Electron, but things just do not seem nearly as seamless as they were in the past.

  • dtoubdtoub
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    Working on my wife’s iMac that has 1PW 7, it was so clear how much better 1PW mini still is over the new menu bar quick access for 1PW. Everything one would need pretty much is right there. Not at all true of the new version. Sad.

  • simtelsimtel
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    I'm also planning on keeping v7 around for as much as possible due to Electron. Apart from the bloat, there are many little things that just don't integrate nicely in macOS. For instance, unless it changed recently, every Electron app keeps its caches in non-standard places, not even bothering to exclude them from Time Machine, thus wasting time and space during every hourly backup...

  • aexviraexvir
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    I've just updated to 1pw 8 beta and I also want to chime in on this discussion, as it has been a disappointing experience from the first moments of using it :/

    • performance overall is just poor (13" macbook pro 2020, i7, 16gb ram; not a slow machine)

      • scrolling feels sluggish
      • icons take 10+ seconds to load when scrolling
      • switching between items is immediate but the icon has ~3 seconds delay on being updated on the detail view
      • resizing the window feels bad, it's just laggy and the ui always struggles to catch up with the window size
      • clicking on the preview button on any document takes a couple seconds to open the preview
      • and many other overall interactions that just don't feel snappy
    • the menubar item is just useless, I miss 1pw mini

    • quick access is also useless, I already use the alfred integration; again, I miss 1pw mini
    • for some reason it keeps unlocking only one vault when opening 1pw, and it's the one I use the least
    • the search is annoying, why doesn't it filter the current items instead of popping yet another surface with them like on 1pw 7?
    • the sidebar is also useless, I don't use tags and I always search for stuff on all vaults; but I do use categories :(
    • the watchtower view also seems pointless? it was more comfortable to access it on the sidebar :/
    • and for some reason the web view of the watchtower isn't centered, and personally I find the overview "progress bar" comically large and silly; although those are small things

    these are the main points I'm struggling with, although I fully agree with the other points mentioned earlier. for now I've downgraded back to 1pw 7

    dunno... it's just sad that an app that I have to use daily, and that I really enjoyed using; it's suddenly more annoying to use. it just feels a step back from what I already have with 1password 7, and I'm afraid of the day when I won't have a choice but to use 1pw 8

    I'm not going to just jump on the "electron bad" wagon, right now this app has less features than 1pw 7 and some of the ux decisions taken on this new version makes the usage more cumbersome and slower than before and this affects me directly, be it an electron app or not

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @aexvir:

    Thanks for your feedback on this. We're always striving to improve the performance of 1Password.

    Dave has spoken just earlier today on the topic of the sidebar here, and we're going to continue to iterate to see if we can find a way to make everyone happy, but for the moment at least, we'll be sticking with the current design of vaults and tags in the sidebar, and categories in the dropdown.

    Alfred integration is something we're still exploring, but I don't have specifics for you just yet.

    Search is another area we're actively working on taking a look at. The changes to search were made to improve search behavior for international languages.

    for some reason it keeps unlocking only one vault when opening 1pw, and it's the one I use the least

    The short version is that 1Password 7 would unlock all 1Password accounts with the password of the first 1Password account (or Primary standalone vault) that was added to the 1Password app. 1Password 8 now however will only unlock accounts that share the same account password. We recommend using the same account password across any 1Password accounts you may have. If using multiple account passwords is necessary, after each account has been unlocked using its specific account password, using Touch ID or your Apple Watch to unlock will unlock all accounts.


  • aexviraexvir
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    thanks @jack.platten for the answer; when you're mentioning that

    The changes to search were made to improve search behavior for international languages.

    do you have any document I can be referred to as how having another surface is improving the search behaviour for international languages? I'm struggling to see how this is better and I'm curious to know the logic behind this change

    We recommend using the same account password across any 1Password accounts you may have

    woah... really? this kind of sounds like giving up on security just for the sake of working around an artificial limitation that wasn't there before... again I'm interested on the reasoning behind such change as I'm struggling to see how this is better than what we had earlier with 1password 7 :/

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @aexvir:

    While the specifics of this are a bit above my head, this was a reference I was pointed to:

    All sorts of things you can get wrong in Unicode, and why

    As I mentioned above, we do have plans to improve search even more, but I can't share more specifics at this time.

    As for the discussion of account passwords, our Principal Security Architect, @jpgoldberg, has written a much better summary of how this makes more sense and makes it obvious what information unlocks with what account password:

    Suppose Patty has two accounts. One of them is her personal account and the other is with her job at the DIA (Dog Intelligence Agency). Patty does not want account PW unlocked most of the time, but she does want PP unlocked most of the time. In particular, she doesn't want the unlocking of the two accounts in lockstep. (All puns intended.) So. what does she do? She sets up a different account password for each. (Many of my examples involve my dogs Patty and Molly.)

    Molly, on the other hand (paw) has a personal account, MP, and a work account, MW. She wants to unlock both with a single account password. If you (or Molly) want to unlock two accounts using a single account password it makes most sense to set the same account password for both of those accounts. This is what I meant when I said the new system makes more sense.

    Suppose also that the DIA (not being as intelligent as their name claims) insists that account passwords be changed every two dog years. (Or every four months). If Patty always unlocks her work account with her personal account password she is certainly violating the intent of her employer's policy. Probably the letter of it as well. This is just one of the ways in which Patty may want to need different account password practices for her different accounts. She most certainly does not want to change her personal account password every few months.

    Molly wants her account unlocking to be in lockstep with each other. The most natural and semantically coherent way to achieve that is to have the same account password for those accounts she wants to unlock as a group.

    The old system

    In the old system, there was a little known and poorly understood concept of "primary account." It would, on your own disk, have encrypted secrets needed to unlock other accounts. Your primary account was rarely something a user chose for that purpose, but instead was a consequence of the order in which they set up their accounts on that device. It was fairly arbitrary which account became the primary.

    One difficulty with the lack of transparency to the user about what account password was unlocking what is that users could forget that they even had a different account password for their non-primary accounts. Forgetting you have a separate password for an account is a good way to forget that password. Suppose Molly was using the old system. She regularly unlocked both her accounts with the password for her primary account on her computer. Note that "primary" may not mean the one that has the information that Molly needs the most. It just happens to be the one that she set up first on that device. She is never prompted for the account password for the "secondary" account (which might contain the most important data for her). She forgets that secondary account password and she forgets that she even has a different password for that account.

    Now suppose the nefarious Mr Talk (the neighbor's cat) steals Molly's computer, and there is no way for Molly to get it back from him. Molly also doesn't have good back ups. So now Molly needs to set things up on a new computer. She does have her Secret Keys for both accounts safely stored for such an event, but she doesn't have the passwords written down because she is supposed to remember them. She can set up her new computer and unlock what was in her old primary account, but she has no way to unlock what was under an account password that she'd forgotten about.

    This kind of problem is the result of the old system being very opaque to users. Now having a much clearer relationship between account password and the accounts it unlocks should very much reduce that problem. If you want multiple accounts to unlock when you give a single account password there is a very natural thing to do about it. You no longer have silent unlocking of accounts.

    [...] Now we make it easy for people (and dogs) to have multiple accounts, and these different accounts are part of different teams and families with their own policies. So we took the opportunity to design unlocking in a way that makes sense on their own at the expense of a substantial behavior change.


  • kleerkoatkleerkoat
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    i've been a user since my iPhone3gs. it's the only app i willingly throw my cash at every year. it sounds like i am just a vanilla user. i have one vault. in all these years i've never tagged or organized anything. my thousands of passwords have just been thrown in there.

    with that being said, i don't care if it's electron or something else. i would have liked to have seen us apple users get a native app since the apple community has showed you guys all this love through the years.

    but reality and business is what it is. i've used 1P on windows. the thing that bothered me was the non-parity between windows and mac. i think, and am probably right having consistency between the platforms makes devlopment easier, maybe with electron updates and new features will come out quicker? also just as important is the look, feel, and functionality being consistent. so when you jump platforms you know it's 1P.

    all i want is more ways to retrieve a password, i really want a more frictionless way to add one entry, and i want a fast search. the other features of 1P are just gravy on potatoes. we like gravy but we really know it's the potatoes are sustaining us.

    i do have one teeny wish, being able to set a password style as default. i always have to change it when i make a password. we should be able to define our password style globally in preferences imo, then change it individually on creation if needed.

    one more, with all the formulas for making a password available, you can generate a random password that covers just about every login requirement except mixing numbers with memorable. the other two you can get a mix or numbers, caps, special chars, and letters. it's only memorable that is lagging behind. i know, it's just a little thing. being a user since my 3gs i've had alot of time working with it, it's easy to get annoyed over that timeframe.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hey @kleerkoat

    Thanks for sharing, and for taking the time to explain what is important to you. Our current push with password generation is through our implementation of Apple's password manager resources. Apple describes this as "A place for creators and users of password managers to collaborate on resources to make password management better." In practical terms what that means at the moment for 1Password users is that 1Password will suggest the strongest passwords possible that any given site can accept, as long as that site's password requirements have been added to the Apple repository. Defining a global set of rules seemingly runs contrary to this goal, as what various sites will accept can be quite different. You can still do that though, at least to some extent, if you wish.

    Here are some screenshots of the options available in the password generator as it stands:

    After you've made your selections, toggling the "use as default for suggestions" option will make the choices you've picked be the default. I'd recommend leaving it on "Smart Password," which is the option that takes advantage of Apple's repo, but if you prefer random or memorable that is possible as well.

    I hope that helps!


  • objczlobjczl
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    I have used 1Password for a long time. I like the native solution before 1password 8, 1password 8 as a mess in election framework. I consider to switch another instead of it. As an app user and developer, I think who provide an election solution to customer just not respect the users. , I hate the election framework app which just slow and fat.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    Hi @objczl, I'm sorry to learn you feel that way. May I ask: have you tried 1Password 8?

    It's true that some Electron apps are slow and take up lots of resources. 1Password 8, by contrast, typically takes up as much memory as the browser tab I'm writing in, it's fast, and includes features never before seen in a 1Password app (Universal Autofill, for starters - which makes use of deep integration with MacOS).

    Again, I'd highly recommend you give it a try if you haven't already. If you have any specific critiques or aspects of the app you aren't satisfied with, we'll be happy to take that feedback. Let me know!

  • andrea123zandrea123z
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    I'd like to add my 2cents to this thread saying that, to my regret, recently I found myself looking for alternatives like never before. Which is a shame. I used to love 1P and brought tens of people to it.

    The user experience with 1P8 is a major step back compared to 1P7. I think many people complained/explained the different reasons why. For me, in a nutshell, it doesn't feel as slick as before and many shortcuts are just broken or a mess.

    I haven't decided on the replacement yet, and I don't really want to, but it feels like just a matter of time until one of the next alternatives will stand out and the choice will be obvious.

    I hope you guys address all the issues first and I drop all plans. But to be honest it feels like you should have really listened to your user base when it was still early enough to drop all the electron plans.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @andrea123z, I'm sorry to learn that this has been your experience.

    If you're open to it, I'd love to know what shortcuts aren't working so we can investigate that for you and prioritize fixes accordingly. Our objective, as always, is to provide you with a solution without peer - and we appreciate your feedback on how we're doing.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    macOS offers a systemwide accent color configurable by the user. Please use it.

    Hi all,

    The system accent color is now taken into consideration in the latest nightly build of 1Password 8 for Mac (80900003). 🎉


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