Do I really have to delete the primary vault in iOS after upgrading to 1Password 8???

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This is what we are told to do on the support pages, but it feels alarming and there is precious little written about it on those support pages. I am sure that it is due to the new database architecture, but something to explain that "the old primary vault is now redundant", or that "the data is all copied seamlessly into the new "private vault""... would give me reassurance before I hit "delete"!

1Password Version: 8.8.0
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  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Did you go through the import process on another device? It would seem you likely did so on a desktop. If so, then yes you'll need to remove the vault on the iOS device. The vault is just what you describe a redundant left over from before your membership. The membership does not even know that vault exists and it cannot make use of it for that very reason. Being someone who is also very conscious when it comes to removal of vault. I would use my steps below. They helped me when I needed to take that step.

    1. Check to make sure all of your data is available on and ensure you have a copy of your Emergency Kit.

    2. If needed, add your account to the device. * It may already be present. How to add your 1Password account to the apps

    3. If needed copy any items from your Primary vault to your membership vault (Personal/Private) that are not already present. * Please be sure you have the most up-to-date information in your Personal vault. * You may need to do this on each device.

    4. Remove the Primary vault.

    • If the Primary is on multiple devices and was NOT syncing, you'll likely need to repeat these steps on each device to ensure no data loss.
  • twinstwins
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    You are correct that I updated to 1Password 8 on a PC.

    I also see that I have a vault on my iPhone called 1Password. Is that defunct as well? Delete that one too (another legacy?)? So the only vault's that I need would be listed as the ones under my family account ("Private" & "Shared")?

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    I am not sure about the vault named 1Password. Is it one you created? If so, and all of your data is in your membership then you should be good to go to remove it. There should only be vaults within your membership section, no standalone vaults moving forward. It sounds like this may be a standalone vault. Private and Shared are two of the vaults within the membership.

    • Please double check all of your data is present in the membership before removing a vault.

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