SSH Dialog does not return focus to calling app

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This is extremely minor, but I did want to mention this because it is still fairly annoying to have to do several times a day.

I am using the ssh integration with the 1P8 Beta. Whenever it needs to approve the key again, I get a dialog:

1Password is trying to allow "tmux" to use the key "SSH Key" for SSH

This is working brilliantly. The problem is that application focus isn't returned to my terminal window after clicking on the "Allow Access" button. The issue appears to be tmux: focus is returned just fine if I do this outside of tmux.

Steps I used to reproduce:

  1. Lock 1Password
  2. Open Terminal/Kitty/Alacritty/another terminal emulator
  3. From a project that requires ssh authentication for git, do a git pull
  4. 1P asks your permission to use your key
  5. Click on "Allow Access" button
  6. Focus returns to your terminal

The above fails if after step (2) you run tmux.

1Password Version: 80900001, on BETA channel
Extension Version: 2.3.7
OS Version: macOS 12.4
Browser:_ Firefox


  • MartonS1PMartonS1P

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    Thanks for reporting this issue, @illegalt3nder! We're working on some improvements that will resolve this inconvenience. Stay tuned!

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