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Are there any required admins changing country from Japan to the UK

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I have recently moved country from Japan to the UK. Would I need to change the country of registration for 1password from Japan to the UK or not?

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  • ag_josephineag_josephine

    Team Member

    Hi @mariasai314,

    There are no requirements to change the country if you move to another location, however, I would like to note that you can create your 1Password account in one of three different regions 🌎, and, the region you choose determines:

    • The currency you’re billed in.
    • Where your secure data is hosted.
    • Which 1Password staff members can access service data about your account, like billing information.

    Please note, there are a few disadvantages of moving to another region:

    • Document items cannot be copied between regions.
    (Any Document items must be downloaded first, and then re-uploaded as new Document items in the new account.)
    • Related-item links are not retained between regions.
    • Custom item icons are not retained between regions.

    Regardless of your region, 1Password staff can’t access your saved logins or other items. 🔐

    If you'd like to change the region of an already existing account, you can follow along here to do so!

  • mariasai314mariasai314
    Community Member

    Thank you very much, that was helpful!

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member

    On behalf of Josephine, you're welcome.

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