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At the web site they decided to switch from identifying an account with a user name to an email address. The procedure to do that presented a screen that requested a password for the new account. 1P offered to create a new password, I accepted, and it filled in the new password. However there 2 fields on the screen: the new password and a second new password field (to make it less likely I made a typing error, I guess) which required entering the new password again. Happily 1P offered to fill in that field with the new password too, which I did.

The problem is that 1P created a second new password for the second field, and so the web site rightly balked. In a previous situation I had been surprised by the way 1P updated a 1P entry so I couldn't trust that I knew what it would do here. So I captured both passwords plus the old password in a text file, made sure the 2 fields were correct, completed the change on the web site, and then went back and made sure that the 1P entry had the correct password.

1P could handle this better. It could figure out that the second field required the same password and enter that. If that's not possible, maybe it could put the new password in the paste buffer and mention that to me so I could just paste to the second field. In any case I suggest you look at the way 1P handles this situation to make it work better for your users.


1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: 2.3.7
OS Version: Windows 10
Browser:_ Firefox


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    I just had another occasion to create a password for This time when I asked 1P to create a new password 1P DID fill in both new password fields. So maybe something is funny with


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