Can't install latest beta 1P8 v8.9.0-1 on Android 12

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Hey, how do I install latest version 8.9.0-1 of 1P8 on Samsung Galaxy S10+ Android 12?

Google Play lists only one early access 1P8 app, but it's v8.9.0 from 25.07.2022. "About" section in the app shows that update channel is set to "Production" and I can't change it in any way.

1P release blog says that there should be v8.9.0-1 from 26.07.2022 available.

I'd like to test "Always show Autofill suggestions below fields" feature which isn't available for me in v8.9.0. Unfortunately autofill with Gboard or Samsung Keyboard is really hit-or-miss on 1P8, often shows up just for password field (and not for login field) whereas it works great on Windows desktop for the same site - e.g.

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  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello @namiaro, thanks for your questions!

    If you're on the production channel, regular updates should be available to you. I will note that app updates through Google Play do not become available to everyone simultaneously. Which version of 1Password 8 is currently installed on your device (Settings > About)? If you search for 1Password in the Google Play Store do you see an Update button?

    While I can't make any promises about the development of 1Password, an option to disable inline filling suggestions is on our roadmap for 1Password 8 for Android.

    I did some testing with the PC Lab page in Chrome and did find some inconsistent filling behavior. It seems that there may be an issue detecting the username field on the Polish page. I've gone ahead and reported this to the team. Thanks again!

    ref: dev/core/core#16229
    ref: dev/core/core#12098

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    Thanks for the answer. 1P recently updated from early access to official stable - version 8.9.0. Before the update it was also v.8.9.0, so nothing has changed. There is no pending updates for 1P8 in Google Play store.

    The thing is, there is no "Always show Autofill suggestions below fields" setting right now in my app, I wanted to test it since your release blog says that this option should be available in the latest beta version (correct me if I misunderstood this I think I saw this on the release blog or support page for Android).

    Thanks in advance for help.

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello @namiaro, thanks for following up. I apologize for my delay in responding.

    If updates are still not available to you, you can try re-installing 1Password 8 for Android. Before uninstalling 1Password, please sign in on, or another 1Password apps to confirm everything is synced and up to date.

    An "Always show Autofill suggestions below fields" setting is not currently included in 1Password 8 for Android. I have not seen any mention of this setting in our beta or stable release blog posts. If you do recall where you saw this please let us know as it may be an error or typo. Thanks again!

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