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  • gnamu
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    Yes, 1Password 8 is a workaround for autofill. But it is not a full solution.
    I use the extension a lot to create new passwords and count on it to offer me creation of new logins when I sign up to a new service.

    I would still love to see official support for a Orion browser extension.

    I think support for the 1Password Extension is crucial for many people and can hold back people to use more independent browser that are not controlled by Apple, Microsoft and Google. I know it is more work for you to support more browsers. But it's also a contribution to the free and open web.

    In fact, the Firefox extension works quite well for me in Orion. The only issue is, that it keeps locking itself after only a few minutes (independent of the settings) and Touch ID is not supported.
    The Chrome extension, however, does not work at all.

  • @gnamu

    Thank you for sharing your use case. I'll get this passed over to the team.

    ref: IDEA-I-482

  • znmto
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    +1 for Orion support please

  • sqlazer
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    FWIW when I install 1Password into Orion through the "Popular Extensions" window, it doesn't work for me. However, if I instead install it from the Firefox store, it seems to work fine

    EDIT: welp, as soon as I said that, it started acting up. So ignore this ^

  • alexcr
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    An additional +1 here for Orion support. It seems like a browser whose privacy-respecting philosophy matches up nicely with 1Password's.

  • janpeeters
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    Any updates on support for Orion Browser? It supports both the Firefox and the Chromium extensions of 1Password but the plugin doesn't seem to allow to function normally. Thanks!

  • andrea123z
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    Another +1 here for Orion Support. Thanks!

  • PeterThornton
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    Also from me, Orion support please!

  • CobNobbler
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    Another "vote" for Orion support! I have been a big booster of 1Password within my little circle, and support for a privacy-focused Mac-native browser is significant for me.

  • whargrove
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    Adding a “vote” here for Orion support!

  • @whargrove

    Have you tried using Quick Access? Get to know Quick Access It may fill the need.

  • atishay811
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    Quick access does not create new passwords. We need a browser extension.

  • CobNobbler
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    It's true that you can use Quick Access to autofill, but there are a lot of things it can't do, which require a browser extension. These include:

    • Saving and updating login information
    • Generating passwords
    • Filling personal information ("Identities")
    • Filling Credit Card payment forms
    • integration
    • Fastmail integration
  • Understood. I was just trying to offer something that might be potentially useful. 😊 I've passed your thoughts on to the team.

  • vitobotta
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    I switched from 1Password to EnPass a few months ago because of this and I just came to check whether there were updates, because I don't want to depend on my Nextcloud instance for sync (even though EnPass is extremely similar to 1Password). I am very surprised that 1Password doesn't work with Orion correctly yet. What is the reason why the team is not truly listening to the many people asking for it here? Is surely can't be such a big technical issue? What is it then?

  • ateri
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    What exactly does "passed your thoughts on to the team" mean? Why are there team members that are too good to look at what their customers have to say and communicate with us?

    This thread started almost 10 months ago and has 160+ comments. We were originally told that 1Password doesn't support "niche" browsers. The latest update to 1Password has support for "Arc Browser", which I've never heard of even as a developer. I found 1 (one, singular) thread asking for support for Arc Browser. It has four comments (one of which is from you) and support was added in 35 days.

    What exactly gives here? I'm extremely curious, from a developer standpoint, what could be giving your dev team so many problems implementing support for Orion?

    I'm due to re-subscribe in roughly 30 days and so far will not be doing so based solely on this thread.

    I look forward to reading a better response than "I've passed your thoughts on to the team" -- otherwise I'm just switching back to Enpass that I already have a lifetime license for. I don't intend this post to be disrespectful, I'm just frustrated with reading the same things on here for months and seeing no progress.


  • dadowagoner
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    👋 Another customer seeking support for Orion!

  • @ateri

    No worries, we are all passionate about what matters most to us. I cannot fault you for that. We have many folks who help here and many more behind the scenes. Not everyone can get to the community, so we gather feedback and place it in a central repository based on things like known issues, bug reports, requests, etc. From there, it's tracked. The posts serve two purposes, letting you know we saw it and took action on it. Advocating on your behalf is the best thing I can do.

  • @dadowagoner

    Noted. Thanks for letting me know this interests you.

  • CharlieCortial
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    Hi, I would like to add my upvote for this, please, please 1Password devs, make this happen!
    As mentioned by @ateri , if there is browser support for something like Arc Browser, the "niche" argument is not really valid anymore.
    Hey @ag_tommy , could you please tell us why there is resistance to the idea of adding Orion to the list of browsers ?
    Thank in advance and best regards!

  • ag_tommy
    edited August 2022

    Hey @CharlieCortial

    your + 1 noted. :)

    As far as resistance, I can't say there is any that I can tell. Folks ask for the feature, those of us here in the community take it back to the team and from there it is evaluated and investigated. Off-hand, I can't say if there are background issues that need to be resolved before this could become a possibility. For example, we could be waiting on something from their team or we may need a resolution on our side for something else. There are a myriad of possibilities here.

    I'm sorry that I don't have better things to share. As always I'll continue to bring forth the ideas from the community. Thanks for being a part of it.

  • CharlieCortial
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    Hi @ag_tommy, thank you for your answer!

    On the subject of resistance, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to sound antagonistic, but this thread is long and there are many people who didn’t get an elaborated answer. Can you pass some feedback, not to the team, but from the team?
    The previous example: @ateri didn’t really get an answer. Why a niche browser like Arc Browser gets support and Orion doesn’t?
    You say the issue could be one thing or another … can’t we have the answer from the team? What is it that is blocking?
    For example, the Orion team couldn’t be happier to work with the 1Password, as shown on their own feedback forum post:, but they don’t get any answer.

    Really, all we ask for, is to hear from the team :-)

  • Not at all. I, for one, appreciate passion. I came from the community, so I feel you for sure. In that vein, I can say that until you step behind the curtain you never truly understand what goes into creating an app like 1Password. It is certainly (looking for word), and I hate to say awe-inspiring, but that's exactly what it was for me. I felt like the kid in the SciFi movie who just stepped inside an alien world. I'll continue to let the team know this is important to everyone here in the community.

  • CharlieCortial
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    Hey @ag_tommy,
    Thank you again for your answer and for your time :-)
    I also like it when people are passionate about their products.
    I’m sure it’s indeed fascinating to know more about what’s happening behind the curtain.
    As someone who’s done a tiny bit of programming, I would also be fascinated by it.
    Is there a way for you to give us more feedback from the development team? Explain some choices and hiccups like the problems and challenges encountered along the way?
    I think a lot of us 1Password users are sorely missing this, this connection with the devs. I know I do.
    I understand that not all customers/users requests are possible to implement, but even just a reasonable explanation/answer from the devs would have a lot of impact and positive effect.
    I hope this can be discussed among the 1Password team. Just please, don’t become one of those companies that are cut from their users.

  • KixPanganiban
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    Hi, I signed up for an account in 1Password Community just so I can +1 this.

    Ironically, it was annoying for me to generate a new password and save the login because... well... 1Password doesn't want to work with Orion. It's been a year since this feature was requested, and in between then and now there have been other "niche" browsers that were added to 1Password's allowlist so surely enough time has passed for the team to look into this, no? Or does the community really not matter that much?

  • Sankcool
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    genuinely wild that Arc Browser got support just because it's a massively VC-backed browser, and 1P is actively refusing to support Orion (which has far more users and is certainly nowhere near as 'niche' as the small, invite-only user base of Arc)

    also intriguing how effectively 1P employees are able to dodge community questions in their replies, well-trained by PR teams I guess

  • vprelovac
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    edited August 2022


    For example, we could be waiting on something from their team or we may need a resolution on our side for something else. There are a myriad of possibilities here.

    Orion founder here. Just to confirm that 1Password team never made an effort to contact us or work on this with us. We are open to help.

    As far as I can see, this feature request has simply been ignored for almost a year, while being one of the most requested features from 1Password users on this forum?

    I am sure everyone would appreciate a decent explaination of what is going on.

  • CharlieCortial
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    also intriguing how effectively 1P employees are able to dodge community questions in their replies, well-trained by PR teams I guess

    The thing is, that’s very bad PR right now…
    It’s obvious disregard for users/clients (reasonable) wishes. Just one in a while, a message like ‘we heard you’…
    I really hope the 1Password team realize this is not the way forward, not at all.
    As loyal customers, we (at the very least) deserve an explanation.

    To the 1Password team: I don’t think you realize how damaging this is to your image/reputation. To use my own example: I went from someone who as only good things to say about you, who would advise anyone to use/buy your service; to being extremely cautious about you, and even weighting my own options to see if I should ‘stay’ with you. If you think the future of your company is made of ignoring your clients wishes...