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    We do not prioritize feature requests; instead, we always put your (the user, as in all of us) safety and security front and foremost in everything we do. You entrust us to keep your secrets, and we believe that your trust is the utmost importance to us.

    We are open to help.

    Thank you for that kind offer. I would recommend reaching out to our team directly. Please use [email protected], and one of my email colleagues can direct your email to the appropriate team.

    We thank everyone for their continued support.

  • vprelovacvprelovac
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    @ag_tommy We have already contacted 1Password in the past to move this issue forward. That was meant with the same reply "all decisions will come from the security and R&D team" and nothing happened.

    A sensible thing to do would be for a decision maker at 1Password to address the user community here, explaining what the blocker is.

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    @ag_tommy I'm glad that 1Password puts the user safety and security front and foremost. What I don't get though is why there is not more effort by the 1Password team to support the Orion browser which tries to do exactly the same thing.
    You support Chrome which a userdata leaking vessel that I've long stopped using. It could be that the foundation of Chromium based browsers is secure but from a broader perspective supporting Chrome doesn't align very well with your mission.

    I've been a avid user of Orion for the last months and even support it by paying for it. I believe strongly in this product made by @vprelovac and others and it has a bright future if extension developers are willing to support it.

    Can you or any other 1Password employee please let us know what's the hickup so this can be adressed if it has to do anything at all with the Orion browser.

    I must say that also I, who was always an avid advocate of 1Password, became more cautious as a previous poster mentioned in recommending it. 1Password 8 is a really great product and the universal fill functionality is splendid. But I do see myself more and more saving my passwords in Apple Keychain to be able to use them with Orion. As a long time 1P user that feels like a consession I'd rather not make.

    So please clarify open and honestly what's the issue, I can understand if you are not completely in the loop with all the decisions of the R&D department but please ask someone from R&D to come up with a decent explanation and why there has not been more colaboration with the Orion team to get this working. The current situation creates distance.

  • EobardThawneEobardThawne
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    Lack of transparency from a security company, ironic 🤣

  • jvacek2jvacek2
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    Another week another bump.

  • cmercmer Junior Member
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    I'm the OP. I'll +10 this again.

  • CharlieCortialCharlieCortial
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    I'm also bumping, still no answer.

  • wesenwesen
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    Adding my voice to the choir, this just doesn't work well at all right now, and orion is fantastic.

  • marclafountainmarclafountain
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    Hi, I’ve been using 1Password since 2007 and have my whole family on it these days. I would like to echo the many requests above. Please support the Orion browser as soon as possible. Thanks for listening.

  • DJFriarDJFriar Junior Member
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    Firstly, here is +7 more for Orion support, one for each of the suibscriptions I directly control.

    Secondly, In reading this thread, I admit I feel shame in having been such an ardent supporter of 1PW for so long. That no one from the dev team or leadership team (@roustem & @dteare to the red phone please) can take the time to post a simple explanation for why suporting Orion has taken a year is insulting.

    I guess with $920M in VC money in the bank, the 150 or so people in here don't really matter anymore? Are the Bits no longer Agile?

    We deserve better, now is your chance to show us you are that better or we can take your silence as an invitation to go research your competitors. Your move 1PW.

  • BrynBBrynB
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    It would be nice if this can be sorted out by 1Password. I value Orion more than I value 1Password. I can switch to Keychain easily enough if 1P is only going to support mainstream browsers.

  • CharlieCortialCharlieCortial
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    Hi @BrynB , if only that was the case!
    No, they support very niche browsers, they just don't want to support Orion.

  • ianbogueianbogue
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    +1. The Orion devs have shown interest in supporting 1Password on their end. We now have seven pages of people requesting that Orion be supported from 1Password's side.

  • FredericCFredericC
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    +1 I'm also very interested in Orion support from 1password !

  • ajg23ajg23
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    Hey 1Password guys, Orion could be a game changer. It will be a platform that will support extensions on both desktop and mobile, but unlike Safari, it will have the much more robust collection of extensions for Chrome. It also has an amazing implementation of vertical tabs: it INDENTS tabs opened from given page under the tab for that page, so you end up with a heirarchical outline of tabs organized by which tabs came from which pages. This not only organizes a sea of tabs into something that makes sense, but lets you see how many pages are left to go through for a given search if you've Cmd+clicked a bunch of links! It's pretty great seeing progress and knowing how many results are left as you Cmd+W (close) one tab after another...rather than having to wait for the search page to show again to find out!

    1Password can function on Orion but it's glitchy. A bit of checking it out would make a lot of very enthusiastic users happy 😉

  • scooby2scooby2
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    Having moved to Orion as well recently (for home use), I would like to stress that 1P please please please add support or at least put it on the roadmap.

  • steve28steve28 Junior Member
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    Adding to the chorus. Orion support please.

  • sankarasankara
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  • gravelcgravelc
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    I tried out Orion and really like it. Can't believe the dismissive attitude from 1Password. If the browser continues to hold up to day-to-day use, it'll be 1Password that's going if they don't work on the compatibility issue. There's a few good password managers out there but there's been no good WebKit-based browsers until now.

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  • cmercmer Junior Member
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    +1 again.

  • valentincoindreauvalentincoindreau
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    Hi I also would love support for Orion ! At the moment Quick Access via the desktop app does a decent job but it's still not the same

  • ClaresClares
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    I love using both 1Password and Orion, but if this issue isn't resolved in the near future, I'm finding another password manager for my browser, not another browser for my password manager.

  • John YoungJohn Young
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    I just went ahead and cancelled my 1Password subscription. It runs through May so in the meantime, I'm going to make sure everything is moved to Apple Keychain. If 1password is working with Orion by May, then I'll resubscribe.

  • HazealignHazealign
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    +1 I don't want to leave 1Password.

  • ryan5453ryan5453
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    It's quite ridiculous it's taking this long to add support for Orion. I'm planning to switch to Orion, and if 1Password doesn't add support, I'll simply just have to cancel my subscription and move somewhere else.

  • jeiddjeidd
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    I guess there’s nothing else one can do except +1 this thread. Is it really seen as a niche browser by you?

  • 1pwsucks1pwsucks
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    Remember guys, 1password doesn’t support niche browsers. Unless you’re Arc Browser, which no one has freaking heard of and you need to wait in line to even use. That was done in weeks.

    There’s something else going on behind the scenes and it reeks.

    Password management apps thinking they’re irreplaceable is so freaking funny man.

  • erlendhmerlendhm
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    Come on, 1Password - at least give a proper answer.
    Many people have asked «What’s the hold up?» - which would at least give a direction and help to do something about it.
    Also very telling that you keep ignoring the valid questions about Arc. I mean, I (for one) think Arc looks cool, but that’s not the point. Cause it sure as h*** is niche!
    (Also, goes without saying, +1 from me.)

  • CharlieCortialCharlieCortial
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    I’m the same. Orion is great, and it’s fixing many of the problems I had in the past, on the desktop and on mobile.
    I’m tired of waiting for 1Password to react and care about its customers.
    I'm tired to wait, I want a product I can trust. I cancelled my subscription (for a family of 5).
    If 1Password starts to treat us correctly, I’ll consider staying and renew my subscription.

    Below is a screenshot of Orion last update changelog, to put some oil on the fire.
    As you can see, they are able to support extensions of other password managers.

    As someone said above, you are not irreplacable, 1Password. Time to act.

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