Is there a way to set up verification codes (like google security codes) to go through 1password?

My VA is trying to log in to a google account and several other accounts that send a verification code to my phone or my email or my phone number. Is there any way that these can go directly to 1password so he doesn't have to ping me every time he has to re-log in to something?

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Referrer: forum-search:Is there a way to set up verification codes (like google security codes) to go through 1password?


  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi @brileever3, welcome to the 1Password Support Community. 👋

    Excellent question. 1Password supports saving and generating time-based one-time password codes (TOTP) for third-party sites and services. If your VA can set up the Google account to enable two-factor authentication through an authenticator app, 1Password will be able to save it. This means if you are requested authenticate, you can use 1Password to generate and fill those credentials when signing in. You can follow along with the steps in this support article:

    Use 1Password as an authenticator for sites with two-factor authentication

    Just to note, 1Password cannot integrate with SMS or other non-TOTP forms of authentication, however, so if this is a separate one-time security code being sent to your phone or email, 1Password won't be able to assist here.

  • brileever3brileever3
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    thank you @ag_max! I'll take a look here :)

  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

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    @brileever – Glad to see that Max's answer was helpful. Let us know if you ever need anything.

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