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first of all - I´m a long-term and passionate 1password-user. In fact, it was one of my first impressive software-experiences, when I switched from windows to the mac-side a couple years ago.

I recently purchased the iOS-4-version and happened to discover an awkward outcome - at least for me. The iCloud-sync-option in the preferences is on by default! So after having installed the app an initial iCloud-sync is unavoidable, as far as I recognized, it´s unavoidable with valid data furthermore, if the version 4 is installed side by side with version 3.
This is a letdown for me, cause I´m not eager to convey my most sensitive data to a server, which is far beyond my control. Perhaps this is kinda exaggerated (due to a consciously chosen password and due to the encryption of the database) but the toast sometimes falls onto the butterside.

I expected to have the intial opportunitiy to cast a vote for whatever sync-option and had to backpedal the unwanted iCloud-sync afterwards. So my suggestion to the 1password-programmers would be: please leave all sync-options off and let the users decide, which of the options fits best for them individually. I for one am fine with the manually performed iTunes-file-exchange.


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    Thank you for your feedback on this! I will definitely pass it along to the developers.

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