Missed the launch sale

I have a complaint to make - 1password 3 is so useful and without issues that I had no need to keep an eye on the forums here, hence I had no idea you were making a new version or that it would be available at a discount for a short while.

Really you must try harder and at least introduce a few bugs into the version you release just before producing a highly regarded upgrade, else how are we to know to come to the forums and find out the great news?

Alternatively, please add me to your announcements list so I don't miss the next opportunity to buy at a discount!



  • nancyageenancyagee Junior Member
    I agree with pteron.

    I got the email, but was busy with the holidays and other end of the year stuff and forgot to buy the upgrade. Now I go to buy and the price has already gone up. I know AgileBits can't control how iTunes works and that there is no way to apply discount codes, but there should be a way for those that already own 1Password Pro (as well as the previous versions) to be rewarded for their loyalty. I guess I will wait for the next announcement to arrive... (sweat)
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Welcome to the forums, pteron! I'm sorry to hear that you and nancyagee missed out on the launch sale. :S

    We announced the release and its accompanying sale via the email newsletter (as nancyagee mentioned), on our blog many times:


    …as well as countless times on Twitter and Facebook. We even extended the sale two weeks beyond the date we announced it would end.

    There will always be more sales, though, so please be sure to subscribe to our blog in your RSS reader (if you're into that sort of thing), follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or subscribe to our email newsletter to stay informed of the next one. :D
  • Thanks for the welcome khad!

    I'm just joshin ya! I'm an honourary Canadian eh? (Married to one)

    If I subscribed to every email newsletter/announcement list associated with the software I run I would spend my day reading them. Unfortunately most companies think that because they have an announcement list they need to announce something on it daily!

    Perhaps in future you could put out a dummy update to the previous version with news on the front page that there is a new one coming up?

    I've subscribed but I'll be holding you to the once a month promise :)
  • bwadmbwadm Senior Member
    I fully agree with pteron.
    I came across the new iPhone version ONLY because the Mac Version of 1P ist still at 3.8.20 and since 6 months (or even longer) without any update, and I was checking the website if there are news about a new mac version. And there ARE things that do not work well in 3.8.20! Like URL mapping ...
    I do like 1P for iPhone and do use v3, but the update price is so heavy that I will not update. Even without owning v3, the price would be too high. Its more expensive than Numbers, and about as much as Mountain Lion!
    Between 2007 and 2011 there was nothing to complain, but since 2012 things got really bad.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I'm just joshin ya! I'm an honourary Canadian eh? (Married to one)


    I've subscribed but I'll be holding you to the once a month promise :)

    You can see our track record right on the page where you signed up. On average it is more like once every three months for the past couple years. We only send out big "newsletter-worthy" announcements (such as major new versions). :)
  • Indeed, so infrequent I apparently didn't notice that I'm no longer on the list. Were it not for your daring fireball sponsorship, I probably would still be on the old version. Could this maybe be a push notification in the app? I don't generally turn on such notifications, but for an app update notice (and time-limited sale), I certainly would.

    Great update, btw. I eagerly await the Mac version (I've already re-subscribed to the mailing list).

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Thanks for the kind words and support, dvoglesby! We really appreciate it.

    Could this maybe be a push notification in the app? I don't generally turn on such notifications, but for an app update notice (and time-limited sale), I certainly would.

    We would be in violation of Apple's App Store Review Guidelines if we did that:

    "5.6 Apps cannot use Push Notifications to send advertising, promotions, or direct marketing of any kind"

  • okypinokyokypinoky Junior Member

    I wanted to chime in on - what appears to be - a ongoing topic of discussion.

    Please for give my late entry to this, but I typically do not visit forums unless I have an issue (I have not had any issues since I purchased 1P years ago), I do not twit or bookface. Nor do subscribe to every email possibility based on what programs I purchase in Best Buy or my son helps me load on my fancy iPad. I am not 20 something, I am not 30 something, I am not 40 something (I'll stop there). I do, however, read magazines (you know - those fancy paper things that often come in the mail that you can read) and occasionally read the same magazine on my way too fancy iPad. It was in a recent article from MacWorld that I noted a newer 1Password - "1P4".

    I like my 1Password for the simple reason in which it was intended - for older folks like me to not have to remember every single internet password that floods my macbook. While I have come accustomed to paying for major upgrades - like 1P4, I do agree with some of the posts that suggest there ought to be a better way to announce upgrades with any associated discounts. I have become used to some of my iPad aps telling me about new versions or my son updates my iPad with some sort of automatic upgrades (for free?).

    I would purchase the new "1P4" (I guess it only comes for small devices, not my Mac - which seems weird, why would you upgrade one but not the other?) - but not at the full price. Picky? Yes. And on my income, you should understand why.

    Not really complaining, just disappointed I missed something I never knew about or will never find out about tomorrow. It is hard enough to keep up with what those wackos in DC are doing, much less keep up with all these silly updates.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi Oky,

    We'll look into adding a note about 1Password 4 being available in the 1Password 3 app, that might be a good way to let folks know. We don't like the idea of notifying people via alerts. It's sure to annoy many folks when they open 1Password to get the data they need and they get blocked by this alert that they may quickly ignore. If we can find a way to do this nicely, we'll try doing this.

    In 1Password 4, we added a News feed to keep people updated on the news of 1Password. This is probably the area where we'll announce the next version of 1Password, which is far away.

    As for the OS X version, we're working on it right now. As a small company, we focus on one app at the time to ensure its quality before we move on to the next platform. The good news is that starting with 1Password 4, the OS X and iOS apps share nearly the same core, so it should be possible for us to release the OS X app much sooner than the usual.

    Thank you for your feedback!

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