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  • The error attempting to submit a login is:

    Timestamp: 29/3/13 10:59:24 AM
    Error: s is not a function
    Source File: resource://gre/modules/XPIProvider.jsm -> jar:file:///Users/james/Library/Application%20Support/Firefox/Profiles/tgfxq9up.default/extensions/[email protected]!/bootstrap.js -> resource://onepassword-at-agilebits-dot-com/addon-sdk/lib/toolkit/loader.js -> resource://onepassword-at-agilebits-dot-com/onepassword/lib/global.min.js
    Line: 364

    It's all minified, but I think the issue is in function Q(a, b, c)

  • I don't think jquery.js is being loaded in time. If you clean the cache, then manually log in to a site that caches jquery.js, then try logging into a different site using 1Password, the popup works.

  • If you diff /data/ui/popup.html between the Firefox and Chrome plugins you see these diffs (Chrome is on the right):

    Might that be the cause?

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    Thanks for your feedback, stouty! Can you help me understand the symptoms a bit more clearly? Is the issue that autosubmit just isn't working? On any site? On a specific site? What is the URL? I've pinged the devs on this, but I think we will need some more information.

    Thanks again!

  • Issue is that nothing is populated and nothing is submitted. I tried it on my blog that uses jquery. Also iTunes Connect. I loaded iTunes Connect, attempted to populate and submit via the Firefox add-on button. Nothing happens. You get that "s is not a function" error. However, if you log out, then retry logging in using the add-on, it works. I think it's because jquery.js is now loaded/cached.

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    Cheers! We will take a closer look and post back with more information as soon as possible.

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    Do you have a public URL where this manifests itself? The missing jquery and other external scripts are a red herring I think because the way Firefox works, these scripts get specified at runtime when the popup is initialized. The other thing is that extension content in popups and other UI content run in their own isolated world, so the page caching jQuery shouldn't impact what 1Password does in the popup one way or the other.

    We still want to investigate the issue further though since you are indeed having a problem, whether it is related to these scripts or not. If you can share a URL where we can reproduce the error, that will let us dig in deeper and find the issue.

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