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I would like to be able to change my 1Password backup location to my backups folder in Dropbox. I live in more than one location with more than one computer and if I should need the backup when I am 1,000 miles away from the application support folder, I am in trouble. Why can't the location be specified by the user? Thank you.


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    Its part of the Mac App Store sandboxing, I have also experienced this with several other apps. My personal work around is to use Hazel to automatically move the files to my Dropbox Backups folder.

    As to more specifics, I am sure the staff can give you more information.

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    You've posted in the 1Password 3.8 category. The backup location can be changed in 1Password 3.8 (Preferences > Backup). Just click the path to change it.

    We emphatically do not recommend storing your backups in your Dropbox folder, though. Dropbox is a syncing service not a backup service. If your backups are removed from one computer, Dropbox will sync that change across all your computers and devices and remove the backups everywhere else. If one backup is damaged the damaged version of it will be synced.

    Each machine you are syncing with creates its own backups, so you should never be a thousand miles away from backups.

    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you, though. Please let me know.

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