Feature Request: Autosave in the built-in browser

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In the Mac version of 1P when you visit a web site and enter a login and password not yet in 1P, a window pops up asking you if you want to save that login & password for that web page.
I did not find that feature in the ipad version. Am i missing something?


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    Hi @Castafiore,

    No, you're not missing anything, the auto-save feature is not yet available on the iOS platform. This is something we want to do in a future update but I don't have a timeframe on when you might see this. We want this feature too, it just makes creating Logins so much simple but it's going to take some time for us to add this.

    Right now, you do have to add it manually in the Logins category on the iPad, 1Browser should be able to fill in with the data you added. However, we recommend using the Mac app to auto-save those data and sync it to the iPad instead for now.

    Hopefully, it's not too long before we could see auto-save on the iOS platform.

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