Sync Errors

I'm running the latest MAS 3.9.6 on 2 Macs, the 4.0b20 and the latest AppStore version on an iPhone 5 with 6.1.3.

For some reason, this has happened twice to me.

  • Edit Notes in item on Mac A
  • Sync Items to 2 versions of 1Password 4 (beta and AppStore) on iPhone (dropbox & icloud)
  • Sync via Dropbox to Mac B

At some point, the item reverts to it's pre-edited state.

I'm not sure what else I can document, but this has happened twice to me in the last week.


  • Actually, I'm not sure about this, but maybe it's items being edited in the iOS versions (Notes section) that messes things up?

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi Henry,

    That sounds like a possible sync conflict.

    Can you open the main 1Password app on Mac B, where it was reverted, select the item and press Command + C. Now, open TextEdit, type Command + P. Do you see both notes or just the older note only?

    Be sure to clear the raw data in TextEdit and close it when you're done looking.


  • I've already restored from my last backup. I'll be sure to do this if I run into it again.


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Keep us posted. Cheers!

  • Hey, I believe the issue is due to some stale data on the iCloud side. Apparently, iCloud doesn't update instantly like Dropbox? Either that or having both iCloud and Dropbox enabled increases the likelihood of sync errors?

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    iCloud sync is a little bit…different.

    iOS and OS X handles the sync automatically in the background for the apps, so those apps does not have to handle any syncing, they only have to read and write to a local encrypted Documents folder on your iOS devices, that’s why you do have to make sure Documents and Data is turned on for iCloud.

    All 1Password is doing is reading and writing your changes in the mentioned local Documents folder on the local device’s storage.

    With this in mind, it may be normal that sometimes, your items might not arrive in the usual timeframe regardless of what the sync progress shows. While 1Password may shows that it is finished syncing, the sync itself is handled by iOS only.

    So, if you don’t see any errors and it hasn’t arrived, try again in a few minutes, it should eventually show up.

    Does that explain things, or is it not working even after a while?

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