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Hey guys.

It drives me CRAZY that I have to use the mouse to get to the search input. Is there a shortcut for it? I didn't find one in the documentation.

Back when Safari had a separate input for search, I believe the shortcut was ⌘K. I know that's still the shortcut in Firefox. That would be my vote!



p.s. Is basic auth coming to chrome anytime soon? AAAAARRRRGGHH!!!!


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    Hey Neal,

    Are you talking about the main 1Password application or the browser extension? (Or the browser itself?) ⌘K will focus the search field in Firefox, but I'm not sure what that has to do with 1Password. ⌥⌘F is the near universal shortcut for searching in OS X apps. It works in Safari, iTunes, Finder, and hundreds of other apps including 1Password. :) Depending on context you can just use ⌘F instead, but ⌘F is really for "Find…" which will search the contents of a Secure Note (like searching through the text in a TextEdit document) for example, if you are viewing a Secure Note. This is in the menu where all the keyboard shortcuts are listed:

    Additionally, the search field is automatically given focus when you first open/unlock the main 1Password application.

    In the 1Password browser extension, just start typing to search. You can use the ⌥⌘\ shortcut to open the extension popup and then literally just start typing.

    I hope that helps. Here are some more keyboard shortcuts for the browser extension since they are not listed in the menu bar like all of the ones for the main 1Password application:

    1Password Browser Extension Keyboard Shortcuts


    P.S. The browser extension APIs provide no mechanism for this. Argh is right! It would be great if they did.

  • Oh man, thanks!

    I was talking about the 1Password application itself. I've been using OS X since Panther and I had no idea this was a thing.

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    I'm glad that helped. :)

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!

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    I'll join this Find-related topic with a minor and hopefully easy request.

    I'd like to suggest that ⌘F not ring the error bell when the focus is already in the Search box. I don't really want to look where there cursor is, so when I hear the bell after entering ⌘F, I wonder what went wrong. I think ⌘F should be silent if the focus is already in the Search box since it causes no harm to hit ⌘F again (it is not an error).

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I agree. Thanks for mentioning this. I'll pass it along to the developers. :)

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