Performace is significantly slower on iPod Touch 4G / iOS 6

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I upgraded from 1Password 3 to 1Password 4, and overall really like the improvements, especially using the same master password as other devices.

However, 1Password is significantly slower to load and decrypt than previous versions. It can now take me up to a minute to grab a password. Most of the delay is in the initial load and password decryption. Even entering your passphrase has input lag. It's so much slower, I now will pull out my Nexus 7 for a password even though the Android version has a much poorer UI.

Any simple tweaks I can make to address this? Or additional info I can provide to help debug?


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer
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    Could you email us your Diagnostics (Settings > Advanced > Troubleshooting > Email Diagnostics) with a link to this thread so we can "connect the dots" when we see the email in our inbox?


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