Same Login for different websites

for some different sites I have automatically the same login-data.
Examples: and and and

The problem I have is, that 1Password normally save the data for one site. So example I have saved for But if I visit and like to login, then 1Password show me the message "No Logins saved for this site". But I have data, thats the same login-data then

If I now fill the data manually, then 1Password ask me if I like to save a new entry inside the database.

Now there is my problem: If I change the password for one account, then I must not forgot to change the password also for the second.

My question to you:
Is it possible to sync this to data-entry automatically?
Or better: Is it possible to add a 2nd http adress in this field inside 1Password?

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    Hi Philipp,

    Not at the moment because imagine if somebody bought ( not ebay itself, it can happen as buying one domain doesn't entitle you for the rest of the international TLDs ) and infected it full of malware, you wouldn't want 1Password to automatically fill in your data on that site. 1Password is very strict about this for security reasons.

    The good news is that we're actually working on giving you that ability in a different way that will allow you to tell 1Password in advance which sites it can reuse the same Login item on. Please look at my reply here.

    Hope that helps.

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