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I currently have 1Password on my Mac, iPad & iPhone. The Mac version is purchased from the App store so I have this issue where I cannot move the dropbox folder which is really bugging me.

I understand the version bought from the website does not have this issue.

If I was to repurchase from the website and start again, would I be able to use a different location, or does the fact that I am using iOS versions mean this still would not be possible?

I don't want to blow another $50 to find it still does not do that, but if it did it would be perfect for my needs.




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    Hi Gemma,

    I do apologize for the sandboxing limitation, we plan to work around this in the next free update to the Mac App Store version. The version of 1Password from our website does let you use 1Password in your own preferred location within the Dropbox folder and once you set it up, the iOS apps should sync with it.

    However, you do not have to buy the web version of 1Password, we will give you a free license key. Just email us your Mac App Store receipt:

    [email protected] agilebits .com

    We'll give you a license to use with the website version, so you can then switch back to Mac App Store version later this year when it comes with the restrictions removed.


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