1password won't fill in this site no matter what method I try (really strange behavior!)

First, using Safari 6.04, 1password extension Version 3.9.14.
Second, here's the site: https://www.dymoendicia.com/login

Whether allowing 1password to create the Login or creating it manually (using the +), the result is a Login that doesn't work at all. Fields are either filled in incorrectly (likes to enter the word "search" into the account field) or doesn't fill in the fields at all. Very, very strange behavior that I, personally, have never encountered before.

I haven't tried the latest Beta, but could do that if you desire. Didn't see anything in the change log that indicated using it would help, but...

TIA! Pat


  • patnannapatnanna Junior Member
    edited May 2013

    Okay, more playing and it appears that with the latest beta (3.9.15.b1 which may not have anything to do with) and turning OFF Auto-Submit, the fields are getting filled in correctly and manually selecting "Login" works. I'm good with this and don't think any further investigation is required on your part.

    Sorry about the false alarm! Pat

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @Patnanna,

    Thanks for the update! We'll look into seeing why 1Password can't fill it in properly with auto-submit and see if we can fix it.

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