Feature Request - Changing Default Browser for IOS

Safari on iOS is still lacking the 1Password plug-in. But I receive subscription emails with links to locations that require a password login. It's a waste of time to load Safari (without passwords)when what I need then is my 1Password browser. Any recommendations for streamlining this? Is the 1Password browser available to be the default on iOS? Or can I select 1Password when clicking on a subcription email's link?


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    At this time Apple still does not allow other applications to be set as the defaults for web browsing, mail, or anything else in iOS. It is not something we have any control over, but it would be nice if Apple changed this in the future. :)

    That said, many third party apps have added support for 1Password:

    iOS apps that have 1Password integration

    There is also a bookmarklet which will open the current URL from Safari in 1Password:

    1Password Bookmarklet for Mobile Safari and other iOS browsers

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

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