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Hi Guys,

I always was a warm & fuzzy supporter of your work from the very beginning. But your 1P for iOS Version 4 completely turned me off:

  • the initial transfer on the iPAD device from 3 to 4 did not work (although a success message came)
  • I had no luck to sync with my osX version (neither WiFi, nor iOS, nor iTunes)
  • the beta USB program also does not work for me

The whole exercise leaves me 9 CHF poorer with 2 hours lost of my time and a non-working version without any content.
Poorly executed and lost one proponent of your tool.

Wish you had been more careful or at least warned potential buyers about the shortcomings (before you inspire to upgrade).


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    Hi @tomthebuzz,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry that you are having some trouble.

    What you describe is not typical in any way. Millions of users have no problems migrating. I'm sure we can get things working well for you if you are willing to work with us. We'll need your cooperation, though, since we can't actually access your iOS device(s) ourselves. :)

    There is no Wi-Fi syncing in 1Password 4 for iOS, so that is why that didn't work. I'm not sure what you mean by "iOS" [syncing?]. iTunes File Transfer is not a way to sync data. It is just a one way transfer.

    The USB sync tool is stil in beta, but we'd love to get your feedback on it in the USB sync beta forum. If there is something we need to fix, we would like to know about it so we can resolve it.

    Dropbox is a great way to migrate (and continue keeping your 1Password data automatically in sync across all your computers and devices). What happens when you simply use Dropbox to migrate the data?

    Please let me know so we can help you.

  • I had trouble migrating (3.7.2 -> 4.2.1), at first, and then DropBox migration fixed it. Did I maybe misunderstand something in the first place?

    I have used DropBox to sync 1P (among iPhone, Mac, and Windows) for some time. After installing 4.2.1, I ended up reading a message advising me to migrate. Can't remember the message exactly, didn't think to screen-shot it, but I believe it came from 1P4, and it said something like "now, unlock your old 1Password and migrate."

    I switched to old 1P, which prompted for access code (as it should). Entering the access code revealed a search screen I don't recall doing, with a search term like "migrate_old_database" or something like that (snake case, something about "migration" and "data", anyway). There were no search results.

    I cancelled that; nothing seemed to happen. I concluded that the old 1P was now "unlocked," and switched back to the new.

    Since I was migrating data from an old version to a new, I chose that option. I guess it ran successfully: it was certainly very quick, and ended up on a screen displaying no entries!

    Lotta flailing, lotta grubbing about in this forum, eventually I found advice such as we see here, to use DropBox to convert. Went back to 1P4, found a setting for where to sync from, chose DropBox. Got a progress bar and a lot of churn (which is what I expected -- I have several hundred items). Eventually, things seem to be right.

    So I guess I should have gone straight with the DropBox migration?

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    So I guess I should have gone straight with the DropBox migration?

    That is what we recommend, yes. I'm sorry if that was unclear and that you had trouble. But I am glad everything is working well now. :)

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    Trying to migrate from 3.7.2 to 4.2.2 on iPad iOS v.6.1.3. I have 1Password Pro v.3.9.6 on iMac.

    These are the steps I have taken:

    1. With 3.7.2 open, I synced using Dropbox.
    2. With 3.7.2 open, I installed 4.2.2 from App Store, then opened it.
    3. Provided Master Password; result: “Please try again.”
    4. Deleted 4.2.2.
    5. Synced 3.7.2 via Wi-Fi.
    6. Installed 4.2.2 from App Store, then opened it.
    7. Provided Master Password; result: “Please try again.”

    What am I missing here?

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    Can you confirm that you are entering the same Master Password that you use to unlock 1Password on your Mac? The system we had in 1Password 3 where you can have a Master Password just for iOS devices while using a different one for your computers is no longer used. More often than not, it has confused many of our customers, and with a unified experience, it will be easier on everyone using 1Password everywhere.

    If you have 1Password on your computers, 1Password 4 will use the Master Password of that 1Password app on the computer and that’ll be the same Master Password everywhere. Note that if you change your Master Password in 1Password 4 for iOS, it’ll sync the change to your computers as well as other iOS devices.

    If you find it necessary to change your Master Password to something a little easier to type, we have an article that may help you find a great balance between memorable, convenient, and secure.

    Also, we do have a Quick Unlock Code feature to make it easier to use a 4-digit code after you initially unlock with your Master Password.

  • I am positive that I am using the same simple Master Password on iMac, MacBook Pro, and iPad...

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    Can you confirm for me that you have all of your data in 1Password on your Mac(s)? If so, you can start fresh on iOS. I wonder if another data file was created for some reason.

    This will remove any data you have in 1Password 4, so please do be sure that is what you want to do. This is not reversible. That said, as long as all your data is in 1Password on your Mac(s), you can easily sync it over from there.

    1. Delete 1Password 4 from your iOS device.
    2. Reset your 1Password data on iCloud.
    3. Reinstall the 1Password app from the App Store using the same account with which you originally purchased it.

    That should get you a clean slate and the ability to sync from Dropbox. Let me know how it goes.

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