Question Is there storage of our info on the web?

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I seem to have lost all my stored data and can't find it. I re-downloaded the app but now it's empty. Is my old data stored somewhere on the web? I have been reading that I should be able to retrieve it from any computer but can't find mention of the site I should go to do this? If there isn't how do I use time machine to go back and find it? I don't remember ever doing a special sync or save for the info on the app other than syncing with i-tunes which suddenly lost all my apps.


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    Welcome to the forums, SLangridge. I'm sorry about the trouble you're experiencing. In answer to your question, no, your 1Password information is not stored online, unless you put it there. Given that you are talking about sync'ing with iTunes, it seems that you are talking about 1Password for iOS. Is this correct, or are you talking about some other version? If you're talking about 1Password for iOS, I'll go ahead and move this thread to the right forum.

    There are three ways to recover your 1Password for iOS data, in most circumstances:

    1. Restore an iTunes backup. iTunes is supposed to back up all your phone/iPod touch/iPad applications and their data. Sometimes this works wonderfully. Sadly, sometimes it doesn't, and application data are not properly restored.

    2. This is one of the reasons that we added a backup function to 1Password for iOS:

    If you used 1Password's Backup & Restore function to create a backup of your 1Password data on your computer, you can use the same function to restore that file.

    3. If you are a 1Password for Mac user and have all your data stored there, you can sync with 1Password for Mac to restore your data.
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