Question DROPBOX SYNC: Problem with Sync between iPhone and Windows

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I didn't find some answer in the FAQ, Forum and help so here is my question :

I bought 1password Pro for my iPad and iphone
I first made a database on my iPad
I've juste download the windows beta

Now i Wan't to sync my database to 1password Windows and iPhone.
(i Tried first with Wifi but it didn't work because of the four digit problem)

Now, with Dropbox sync, it seem better but still don't work :

here is the error message on my ipad :
"failed to find the data file on Dropbox. Please make sure you are using the latest version of 1password on your Mac or Windows Desktop. Also make sur that Dropbox is fully synced on your desktop"

my dropbox is synced.
What should I do ?
My Dropbox folder is on my personal folder on Win 7. There is the 1password.agilekeychain and a .wsagile1password.settings too.

I missed something ?
Thanks for your help


  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
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    Welcome to the forums, emixfr. Sorry about the trouble you're experiencing. Is there a 1PasswordSync folder in your Dropbox folder? If there is, could you please try moving your 1Password data file into that folder? Given the recent changes that Dropbox have made, this should not be necessary, but I've been hearing from other iPad owners that they were able to get sync to work after doing this.

    Please let us know how it goes.
  • weshsuweshsu Junior Member
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    I am having the same problem. I had 1Password for OSX sync to my Dropbox. It created 1Password.agilekeychain and a 1PasswordSync folder at the root of my Dropbox. 1Password Pro on my iPhone says that it fails to find the data file on Dropbox. I then moved the keychain file into the folder, as suggested, restarted 1Password on the iPhone (killed the process, then restarted it) and it still cannot find the file. I have confirmed that the keychain file is fully synced, as I can see it on the web and on my Mac Pro.
  • emixfremixfr Junior Member
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    Thanks for the answer.

    this is almost working. I Had to reset the account setting on 1password / sync / Account / "Reset" and log again.

    "Sync completed" (inlove)
    (dropbox on Windows receive new files on the data folder)
    But when i open 1password, unlock with the master password, there is nothing in logins, accounts, identities...

    I also updated my windows version with the fresh release.

    an idea ?

    Same thing this my iPhone : i can sync with Dropbox but i don't have what i've put with my iPad or Windows
    it seems everyone is sending data in the same place but no one listen to each other.
  • weshsuweshsu Junior Member
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    emixfr wrote:
    this is almost working. I Had to reset the account setting on 1password / sync / Account / "Reset" and log again.

    I tried this as well, on both my iPhone and iPad. Neither can find the file. I even made 2 copies... one at the root (where 1P for OSX originally put it) as well as a copy in the 1PasswordSync folder. They still cannot find it. :(
  • emixfremixfr Junior Member
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    I think there is something to do with the .settings file (which was created automatically the first time)
    with a text editor i see in it : 1Password.agilekeychain (and iDevices says me : master password was incorrect)
    i've played with this file and change the content to : 1PasswordSync/1Password.agilekeychain
    and I've the problem that i described (the data files are going in the good folder - it's seems)
  • weshsuweshsu Junior Member
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    I do like how when I moved the keychain file, 1P for OSX detected that the file moved and asked me if I wanted to use the one that it found. It seems like 1P for OSX is either searching for the file, or expects it in one of (at least) 2 places. It would be nice if the iOS client would do the same (or, they just pick one well known location that all clients will use). But, however it's implemented, I just wish it worked on my iOS devices.
  • iBanksiBanks Junior Member
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    I too have an issue with Windows Beta not showing data from iPad and iPhone version of 1password's keychain file.

    My iPhone and iPad syncs data flawlessly. Windows, if I create a new item, it will sync and show on my iPad and iPhone with no problem, but creating something on the iPad or iPhone does not sync back too my Windows app.

    Any ideas on getting the data to sync back to Windows? My keychain file was initially created on my iPhone first back when app was released.
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