3 to 4 upgrade - will not recognise Dropbox Data "Data not Found" message

OK.. i bit the bullet. I bought the new version. Checked the install info.
(Was staggered that I have to allow access to ALL my dropbox... but OK.. I can change my dropbox account later)..
Not impressed to then get "Data not found" message.
So what now ? How do I get 1P4 top recognise my existing data which is in DB and accessible by 1P3 ?

Being flippant... I 'allow' accesss to ALL my Dropbox folders and it seems that 1P4 doesnt bother to search them all to find the agile key files.

Any sugestions ?


  • OK.. to answer my own questions and maybe help others.. who knows !!!
    I decided to choose "Select other account" on the dropbox prompt screen, even though it already had the correct account selected.
    It then flipped me to the browser where I manually logged into Dropbox. It then found the files and completed the install.

    Worringly, on my laptop I then started to receive a few 'files removed' messages from Dropbox icon, as files seemed to dissapear from Dropbox.
    But it seems like this is normal and OK.
    It looks like the windows version is still working and synching with Dropbox and changes received on Ipad.

    Will Adnroid versio also link to same Data file ?

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    Great news! Thanks for following up and letting us know that everything is working well. :)

    Will Adnroid versio also link to same Data file ?


    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!

  • Sure but it shouldda worked 1st time without me having to logon manually to Dropbox.
    I am still not impressed with :-
    1- Your overall policy of forcing us to upgrade (blaming apple and inability to repost IP3 and new API from Dropbox - you must love them).
    2 - Your requirement to have access to ALL my dropbox folders. Why ? This kinda contradicts any security model from my position. We should select and share the specific folder like any other Dropbox link app.
    3 - No sync option for IPad1 users unless they have an Apple Mac (which I do not)

    I have 25+ years in software business so I get the issues. Of course you have to run a business and make a profit. I get that. Sure... but suppliers of consumer based software like yourselves seem to forget or choose to ignore the fact that most users simply install and forget. We do expect to use finaincial apps and security apps such as this, forever. We expect you to support old versions, to provide upgrades but not force us. .And to keep versions inline across all platforms. We dont have upgrade policies in place. We do not have an IT department here , in our home, updating and managing our devices. Some try to keep uptodate, but its gettign so that you spend more timemanaging your devices than you do actually using the things !! :-) :-)

    So.. any advice on what I am going to tell my wife when she finds out she cannotuse IP3 anymore and sync with the PC version we run. !!!!

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    1. v3 was discontinued over half a year ago, but Dropbox just made this change. It is definitely not what we would’ve liked. You can continue to sync via Wi-Fi, though, or upgrade at a steeply discounted price to the current version 4 which debuted back in 2012 with hundreds of new features including iCloud, rich icons, customization, password generator everywhere, swipe actions, favorites, tabbed browsing, global search, dedicated web mode, attachment viewing, faster Dropbox, iTunes file sharing, auto-clear clipboard, and more.

      There has only been one paid upgrade on iOS in 1Password's entire 7 year history as an app. We released hundreds of free updates to v1, v2, and v3. We wanted to give everything away for free forever, but it turns out that isn’t a sustainable business model. If you’re happy with v3, you’re not required to purchase. But we hope you will see the value of the hard work that was put in to v4 for over a year: http://blog.agilebits.com/2012/12/13/new-1password-4-ios/

    2. http://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/comment/77697/#Comment_77697

    3. As a 1Password for Windows user with a 1st generation iPad, we have some additional options we can offer you if you email us: [email protected] agilebits .com Please do drop us a line. We would love to help.

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