Creating 1pif files

Hi, is there a guide on the format/ content of a 1pif file?

I'd like to create a file to catalog stuff in 1Password without having to use the data entry screen i.e. create a 1pif file and import it to bulk update 1password

I can find discussions about 1pif files but not anything that explains what the exact format/ structure is and which 'key words' to use to get values into 1Password

Any help appreciated :)


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

    Team Member

    Probably the easiest way to create a 1PIF file is directly from 1Password. Simply enter the information and then export it (File > Export Selected > 1Password Interchange File).

    I'll see if I can steal one of the developers away from 1P4 development long enough to chime in here, but I can't promise anything at this exact moment. :)

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