How do I set individual sync preferences for each vault?

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Not sure I even get the concept. If I want to share a vault with somebody, how do I synch the vault? Do I set up a shared Dropbox folder for the synch?


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    Hi @sgmiler,

    Yes, you share the .agilekeychain file that 1Password will create for you. To do this, open 1Password, switch to your vault you want to share, and go to the 1Password Menu > Preferences > Sync. You can either use Dropbox or Folder sync if you want to use your own syncing service with the other person.

    Once you do that, he or she can just double-click on the file and 1Password 4 will ask if they'd like to create a new vault with it. Once they say yes, 1Password 4 on both side will keep the vault in sync.

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