UI messed up while using iOS 7

Hey guys,

I just installed the latest iOS beta build on my iPhone 4S with the newest iOS 7 version and now have a messed up UI. I made two screenshots just to show you what I mean. Am I doing anything wrong or is it due to the latest 1PW build? Thanks for any tips helping me to resolve this :)

Please note that I'm using the german localization, don't know if this could be the cause...

Screenshot 1: http://d.pr/i/q4oS
Screenshot 2: http://d.pr/i/mDcF




  • AndyPAndyP 1Password Alumni


    I realize this is a late response and you probably already know by now, but I thought I'd let you know we have addressed this issue in recent betas (latest being 4.3b10). This was a build error on our part. Thanks for watching out for us and keep on testing!


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