Upgraded from 3.8 (website) to 4 (MAS), safe to remove the App Support 1Password folder?

I've just upgraded from 3.8 (website version) to 4 (Mac App Store), following the instructions ( http://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/8068/official-answers-1password-and-the-mac-app-store ) for upgrading from 3.8 (web) to 3.9 (MAS).

My keychain has successfully been moved from ~/Library/Application Support/1Password to the new location the MAS version stores the keychain in, but the old 1Password folder is still there, with the old backups, old extensions, and the old Agent. The link I gave earlier though suggested the Agent would be deleted when the MAS version was run?

Can I just delete the whole folder?


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    Hi, @Tezcatlipoca. Glad to hear your 1P4 MAS upgrade has gone smoothly. This document should help you get rid of unnecessary 1P3 leftovers:

    Completely Uninstalling 1Password | 1Password 3 User Guide

    I originally used the uninstaller application after installing the 1P4 beta and will be using it again after installing 1P4 MAS on other systems.

    1PasswordAgent is only removed by 1Password 3; 1Password 4 ignores it. The document you referred to is relative to the original MAS release of 1Password 3.9 about two years ago.

    Can I just delete the whole folder?

    Yup, you can manually delete it since your keychain was moved out of it. Maybe after running the uninstallation application (if you do) if it only delete its subfolders.

    Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with -- thanks!

  • Ah, excellent - thanks! Makes sense now that 3.9 would kill the old Agent but 4 wouldn't.

    I've used the uninstaller you linked to, and then followed the manual delete instructions too as a few bits were still left behind.

    Thanks :)

  • dixie44dixie44 Junior Member

    I just upgraded from 1P3 (v. 3.8.21, initially purchased through the AgileBits website) I also beta tested 1P4. Now in my Application folder I have 1P3 (3.8.21), 1P4 beta, and the newly downloaded 1P4 (v. 4.0.1). How do I remove 1P3 amd 1P4 (beta) without affecting 1P4 (4.01)? Do I use the uninstaller? If I do does everything get uninstalled? Or do I just drag the icons for 1P3 and 1P4 beta to the trash ?

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    Hi guys,

    We actually recommend that you archive the 1Password folder in ~/Library/Application Support/1Password, it contains your backups that you should keep for a while. Once you're happy with 1Password 4 and it has enough backups, you can then trash it.

    @Dixie44, we're working on a guide to explain how to remove the beta stuff properly, so that it doesn't affect the MAS version. Unfortunately, because we're a bit busy, it's going to take us a day or two. I ask for your patience while we get it done. It'll be linked here in the beta forum.


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