Complete Uninstall 1Password4 on Mac

How does one completely uninstall 1Password4 for Mac on Mountain Lion? (Embarrasingly, I fat-fingered my initial password and want to start from scratch). Anyone? Anyone?


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    I assume you would like to start over and create a new database.

    There is no need to uninstall the application itself, simply remove its data folder.

    Here is how to do this:

    1. Hold Control key down and select 1Password > Quit 1Password and 1Password mini from the menu.
    2. Open Finder and select Go > Go to Folder menu.
    3. Type ~/Library
    4. If you have the Mac App Store version of 1Password, go to Containers folder and rename this folder to something else.
    5. If you have the AgileBits store version of 1Password, go to Application Support folder and rename the 1Password 4 folder.

    After that, launch 1Password again and start over.

  • I have a little different problem with my Master password. It will only worked a couple of times and it now won't let me change my Master password. I followed your suggestion above and got into the Containers folder but there was no in there. I bought from the Mac App Store. I have uninstalled 1 Password 4 for Mac several times but when reinstalling it I did not get a Welcome page to start over. What would you suggest?

  • I found the Containers folder. There was also a Container folder so that's how I missed it. You instructions worked! Thanks

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    That's great to hear, @Peace1325! Thanks for the followup.

  • I cannot find a containers folder, any suggestions? I'm use App store version.

  • odysseusodysseus Senior Member

    With App store versions of problems, does deleting the program from the Launcher delete all the related files, as happens under iOS?

  • Renaming both and com.agilebits.onepassword-osx folders worked for (starting over with) 1Password4 and 1Password mini.

    But after removing and installing again the Safari extension of P1, it still shows the (old) logins.

    Any suggestions on how to remove these ?

  • Update: Not sure how I did it, but it's OK now. Probably by doing things in the correct sequence: first uninstall the Safari extension, then 1P4 and 1P4 mini.

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    @Allegiance: Please see if the Rename the data folder section of Starting over helps you locate them.

    @odysseus: Removing 1Password from Launchpad (if that's what you refer to as "the Launcher") only removes the application from the /Applications, not any of its related support/data files.

    @ejpeters: Glad you got it sorted out. Maybe there's something we can add about extensions in the aforementioned Starting over KB article.

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    How do you REMOVE a vault? (Seems to be impossible, so if you open a file temporarily, it's there forever)

    How do you know, in the prefs, which Vault the sync prefs you are looking at apply to (answer, you don't)

    How do you merge a vault into another vault (select items one by one and copy?)

    And starting over was a nightmare. Since I didn't see this thread, I didn't remove the Safari extension, meaning that the app and the mini browser—despite having all prefs and containers deleted—still had (how?) links to the 4 password vault files which no longer existed (they were all zipped up into a file on my desktop). I ran scortched-earth over ~/Library/Containers and even deleted old files from ~/Library/Application Support/ and ~/Library/Preferences/ all to no avail, 1Password4 would not reset the prefs.

    How do you easily delete duplicated records (You don't, the 'Duplicates' is based only on passwords, and shows duplicates for items in the password history. So, for example, I have an entry that is "" and has login info for this site. Then I have a "duplicate" which is the generated password for agilebits. This makes the duplicates view entirely useless to find actual duplicates.) The only solution to this appears to be to delete the password history.

    How do you deleted actual duplicates (same root domain, same site)? (Manually, one by one.)

    When I have six duplicates because a web site has many domains (,, etc), how do I merge them? (manually, one by one).

    When I'm trying to manually merge multiple records or compare multiple vaults, can I see more than one thing at a time? (No, 1Password is a single window & single view app. It is impossible to see more than one entry at a time). This is particularly annoying now that you have multiple vaults. Why can't I open a window for each vault?

    If I last used vault 1, and I am trying to login to a site that has credentials in vault 2, will it work? (No, not until you manually click around to switch to the other vault).

    There's a lot to like in 1Password4, but man, there's a lot to not.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @covisp,

    You've got a lot of questions here, I'll do my best to answer them all for you :)

    How do you REMOVE a vault?

    You can delete vaults from the 1Password menu. Please note you can only delete secondary vaults (not the primary one you first created), and you must have that vault open in order to delete it.

    How do you know, in the prefs, which Vault the sync prefs you are looking at apply to

    The vault that you are currently viewing is the vault that are editing the preferences for. :) You can see which vault you are currently in by the colour of the lock icon in the top menu bar. Clicking on this will show a list of all available vaults, with the active vault checked.

    How do you merge a vault into another vault (select items one by one and copy?)

    At this point, you're correct, items can be copied over individually. Or you can select multiple items, export to a .1pif file and then import into the new vault.

    How do you easily delete duplicated records...

    We are looking for ways to make the Duplicates feature (as well as the handling of generated passwords) better in the future. I apologize for any inconvenience this is currently causing you. In the meantime, once you confirm that a generated password entry has been saved into a current Login (via the Duplicates feature) you can delete that generated password entry so that it is not cluttering up your database. Please note that this feature was originally conceived of as a part of our Security Audits, to point out where you may have used the same password on multiple sites. Finding multiple-saved Logins is just a nice little bonus. ;)

    When I'm trying to manually merge multiple records or compare multiple vaults, can I see more than one thing at a time? ... This is particularly annoying now that you have multiple vaults. Why can't I open a window for each vault?

    We are looking into the possibility of including multiple windows or viewing panes in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Thank you very much for providing this detailed feedback on your experiences with 1Password 4. Again, I'm sorry that you're finding some areas to be a bit frustrating right now, but this feedback is immensely helpful to our developers - it gives us a great idea of where to focus our attentions as we work to make 1Password 4 even better. If you notice anything else that is not as user-friendly as it could be, please let us know!

  • covispcovisp Member

    OK, But what I want to do is delete the vault FROM 1PASSWORD, not destroy the contents of the vault file, which is what "delete vault" says it is going to do.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @covisp,

    If you would like to delete a vault while saving it's contents, here are the steps:

    • Open the vault you want to delete (VaultA)
    • Go to Preferences > Sync and select Folder Sync
    • Save 'VaultA' to a memorable location
    • Let the file sync, then disable Folder Sync

    • Create a new vault (VaultB), or open the one you would like the data from the 'to delete' vault imported into

    • Go to Preferences > Sync
    • Select Folder Sync
    • Select the file that you saved in the previous step 'VaultA'
    • Be sure to select the VaultA.agilekeychain file itself, and not the folder that it is in

    The contents of VaultA and VaultB will merge. Once that is done, you can disable Folder Sync and re-enable the sync of your choice. Then you are free to delete VaultA.

  • dffdff
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    @Megan @sjk @roustem
    I have an odd problem. After changing my Apple-ID login name, iCloud syncing stopped working. I thought I could just install 1Password 4 from scratch and use the files from iCloud, however i can't uninstall it.

    Ive removed the application, ive uninstalled all the browser extensions, ive removed the directory and content in ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4/ and ive deleted the plist file in ~/Library/Preferences and ive rebooted the Macbook Air in question.

    When i download the application from your site and start it up i get the first splash screen, I click awesome let's get started hoping to get the option to start with a new vault or use a previous backup. Instead i get a master password unlock screen that does nothing. I can type in anything, all that happens is the top part of the lock switches from side to side. No prompt that the password is wrong or anything.

    Please advise on how to make a clean install, as for now i cant access any of my online accounts on my Macbook Air. Using my iPhone for it is a pain.

    Here are some screenshots.

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Hi, @dff.

    I'm sorry you're having trouble getting 1Password 4 working again after trying to start over. So we can get a better look at the current state it's in please send a Diagnostics Report from your Mac and we'll help get this sorted out through email; instructions are here:

    Sending us your Diagnostics Report to help us help you!

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forum, but do include a link to this topic and your forum username in the email so we can "connect the dots" when we receive it. A quick comment here mentioning that you've sent it would also be helpful. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi @sjk, ive sent the diagnostics report to [email protected] and cc:ed [email protected] :)

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni
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    We've received your email with the report, @dff. Thanks for including all the details there. :)

  • GrizGriz
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    It doesn't appear that the OP's question was ever answered. Instead, roustem replied "There is no need to uninstall the application itself". That reply appears to be non-responsive. What is the true answer to the question asked? How does one remove all tracees of 1PW4 from a given Mac so they can truly perform a clean install?

  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @Griz,

    If you'd just like to start over with 1Password 4, follow the instructions in this support article:

    Starting over

    Like Roustem said, there is no need to uninstall the application if you only want to start over with a new database.

    But if you want to completely uninstall 1Password, take a look at Megan's instructions here.

  • You guys should really have a one-step "Uninstall 1Password" option. This is ridiculous. People should be able to easily remove a program from their system with the assurance that it's totally gone (with a warning about losing your vault, of course). Imagine if iOS worked this way.

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Hi @jakelodwick,

    Thanks for your interest in a one-step uninstaller for 1Password. I've noted your comments about this in our request tracker.

  • I followed rousted solution and it worked perfectly. I purchased through the store so I changed the name but couldn't launch the welcome again. I restarted the computer and then when I launched the app I got the welcome and I am up and running. Thank you so much.

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Hi @jpatrickarizona,

    On behalf of @roustem, thanks for letting us know that you've got it all sorted out! We're here to help if you run into any further snags. :)

  • I agree with jakelodwick's suggestion over six months ago. The current procedure for uninstalling 1Password for Mac is ridiculous. It puts your users thru far too much rigmarole and doesn't measure up to the rest of 1Password and more generally it doesn't measure up to most Apple software.

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for your feedback, @Coastside.

    Uninstalling 1Password for Mac isn't something most users will do on a regular basis, if at all. Even though we don't currently offer a one-step installer (which is also still true for the majority of OS X software), the instructions have been updated and clarified since this discussion started and last ended.

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