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I'm not really doing those things in the title, but I can't wait to use my favourite app on my Nexus 5. I'm happy to see that good developers are embracing a system that's not bound by Apple's tyranny. Sorry I had to say that, but after having used iPhones from the first until the 5, and all versions of iOS, and then having moved to Android because Apple's control is stifling creativity, I am really pleased to know that you're taking Android users seriously. PLEASE don't just put out one version and forget it, PLEASE update it and continue developing new versions after you release your new Android app. Looking forward to installing the first beta of the new app! I hope it's as good as the Mac version.


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    Hi @1PUser!

    Thank you for your support! We are really excited for the new version of 1Password for Android! I am really happy to hear you are as well.

    Our team has been extremely dedicated in bringing a much improved 1Password for the Android platform. We completely understand the importance of our Android users and keeping our customers happy is our priority.

    We will continue to develop and improve the Android version alongside 1Password for Mac, iOS and Windows. Thank you for helping shape 1Password! It’s going to be a great journey seeing 1Password grow and improve on Android over the next period of time.

    Please remember we are always listening to your feedback and your input is greatly appreciated. See you around! :)

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