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I just want to say that I love the new look of the 4.5 beta.


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @HenryY,

    I have to admit, I'm pretty excited by the new look too - I'm so glad you like it! :)

  • Yes it does gel quite well with iOS 7 and looking at it on my iPad Mini Retina, gives me goose bumps lol And people are saying iOS 7 is dull and bland, i can't see how, when people like Agilebits and my Fav all time App Procreate, are making the Apps so much better because you are having to rethink the UI and UX and thats is only a good thing, for us the Customers :D

  • @danvpeterson Oh man... please don't go overboard with making everything look "flat" and abstract... Keep a balance and stay true to 1Password's design roots... From what I've seen, the new UI looks too simple, like someone just wrote some text in a word processor on a white background... I hope my beloved 1Password doesn't sacrifice its great design instincts to a fashion movement and lose its identity.

  • I realize this my personal taste and opinion, although shared by some others, but I generally don't like all the iOS 7 redesigns that throw away all their uniqueness and replace all their designs with Apple's new UI guidelines 1:1. I think the Living Earth app for iOS strikes a nice balance in that respect; they didn't go overboard with "flatness", abstraction and the white backgrounds with thin Helvetica Neue text that is barely readable.

    And no, I'm not Scott Forstal. ;-)

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Thanks for the feedback, Manny. I think that we're striking a nice balance between our own personality and design and the iOS 7 aesthetic. That being said, as the beta continues, please continue to voice your feedback as we'd love to hear it.

    Michael Fey
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  • Thanks for the answer @MrRooni. In my opinion, these apps have made an excellent transition to the iOS 7 UI guidelines, preserving their identity and staying true to their design roots:



    Living Earth


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