Roboform to 1Password

I would move from Roboform to 1Password for that I have installed my demo. Unfortunately, the import from Roboform does not work. A function "Full URL" I do not think.

Also, there seems to be no German version? Then a purchase would sowoeso not in question. For the price one should expect that.



  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Hi, @JochenBake!

    Are you using a version of Roboform that exports ("prints") the data in an importable format? Please see the "How do I import data into 1Password?" article in the "FAQ" section of the user's guide, accessible from the Help menu and in the Support area of our web site.

    I'm sorry that we don't have non-English versions of 1Password for Windows available at this time. We expect to rectify that shortcoming in future releases, and it's good to hear which languages would be useful to our customers, so thank for letting us know!

  • Then I have to rely on other software. 1Password is really not favorable because German should be available. Also the design is outdated and would like to see something fresher.

    Thank you

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Thank you for your interest in 1Password, @JochenBlake!

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