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Can't Reset My Account

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When I tried to create an account, It said my email was already in use. After some searching on my computer and email inbox I found i did a trial of your service 2 years back and have an emergency kit on my computer.
Unfortunately, I can't remember what password I used 2 years back so I cannot actually log in to sign up for membership. After looking at your support page I've found a total reset would be the solution I'm looking for.
But after following the steps here and updating the 1password client
I still get prompted for a master password and am still unable to start fresh. How do I process from here?
I would really like to use the email address I used for my trial.

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  • AGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @MartyPants: Resetting the app on your computer does not affect the account. You'll need to delete the account, so I'll shoot you an email from shortly to help you with that.

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