Adding Ethereum wallet functionality to 1password

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One of the main usability problems of crypto distributed apps ('dapps') is the challenge new customers face creating crypto wallets, backing up the recovery phrase, using them within browsers, etc.

Given that a wallet is, at its core, a password - seems like 1password could easily extend its functionality to easily allow 1password users to create, manage, backup, restore and easily use Ethereum wallets.

And since 1password already has a broad set of plugins for various browsers, it also seems simple to extend the plugin functionality to allow a 1password based Ethereum wallet to be used in a web3 manner (as a connected wallet to whatever dapp you are running).

Give 1password's ease of backing up secure information and ease of restoring it if the need arises, and the existing plugin architecture - I think 1password could quickly become a leader in the Ethereum wallet space (currently Metamask is the leading plugin but has a number of restrictions - such as chrome / firefox - no safari support, etc.)

How can we pass this kind of idea on to the 1password product management team? Would love to see 1password be successful here!


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