Notification of TOTP codes is not localized in French

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Hi everyone!
An element of the interface has never been translated into French: it is the notification that appears when a TOTP code has been copied to the clipboard. I don't think I have the possibility to open a ticket directly on Crowdin so I publish here ;)
I would like to take this opportunity to wish a happy new year to the whole team and to the users!

1Password Version: 7.2.5
Extension Version: N/A
OS Version: iOS 12.1.2
Sync Type:


  • AGKyle
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    Hi @Ju971

    A bulk of our translations are handled by volunteers. It's possible that there are a lot of text strings in 1Password that are not translated at the moment. We'd love to have some help if you'd like to give it a try:

    Join for your language and you can search for that particular string and change it. We generally try to pull the latest strings for each release though sometimes that isn't possible for technical reasons. For this reason it's possible that this string is indeed translated already but simply hasn't been included in the app yet. Sometimes the things we ship diverge enough from how we submit the strings to be translated that we can't pull them back in reliably, so that process is skipped.

  • JuCos
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    I can't find the string so I posted a message on the forum but I haven't received a reply yet...
    More to come!

  • rudy


    We'll have to take a look at this one, its possible that our upload script isn't taking some of our changes into account.

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