Best way to share with kids/teens?

Hello- my husband and I use a family account and need to get our tweens/teens set up as well. I don't want to share everything in our shared vault with them, but am unsure how to set it up a different way. Basically, there are some family logins I want them to have access to, but don't want to have to update it in multiple places if a password changes. If I create another share vault, will items auto update in there? do logins live in one place and then can be shared in multiple vaults? or do they act as separate logins that would need to be updated in each vault? Thanks for any assistance.

1Password Version: 6.8.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS 10.14.2
Sync Type: iCloud


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    Hi @SeaMom123

    I'd be happy to help guide you in the right direction with getting your kids set up with 1Password as part of your 1Password Families membership. By default everyone you invite to your membership will have full read & write access to the built-in Shared vault. You have a couple of options. Neither is really right or wrong, it is mostly a matter of preference and what is going to fit best for your situation.

    1. You could modify the built-in Shared vault so that the kids do not have access to it
    2. You could create a new vault and share it only between yourself and your husband

    To give a little background, which might help in the decision making process, each 1Password item can only exist in one vault. It is possible to duplicate an item, and have a duplicate of it in another vault, but as far as 1Password is concerned they will be totally separate items (i.e. changes to one will not affect the other). So it makes sense to plan your vaults out accordingly. What I personally would recommend:

    1. Keep the built-in Shared vault. This can be very handy for sharing things like the Wi-Fi password, garage door code, etc that everyone in your family is going to need. You may wish to make it so that the kids only have read-only access to this vault, though, so they aren't accidentally editing items in here.
    2. Create a vault for each kid that is shared between the kid and the two parents. This can be useful for keeping track of social media accounts, etc, if you want to keep tabs on those sorts of things. It also enables you to share items with just that kid (maybe the combination for their locker at school, for example).
    3. Create a vault that is only shared between the two parents. This is where things like joint bank accounts and other items that shouldn't be shared with the kids can go.

    That should pretty well cover just about any situation. As the kids get older and want / have earned more freedom you may wish to adjust, but it may be a pretty good starting point. This guide should help with the creation and sharing of vaults:

    Share passwords in 1Password Families

    Also: while we're on the subject of making changes to your 1Password Families membership, I'd highly recommend considering having multiple family organizers, if you don't already. In many family situations it would be appropriate for both parents to have this power. This will help prevent the family from losing access to the account should the person who set up the membership forget their Master Password, loose their Secret Key, or otherwise be unable to access their account. You can learn more about Family Organizers and what powers they have here:

    About family organizers in 1Password Families

    Remember: only a Family Organizer can help people on your membership recover their account if a Master Password or Secret Key is forgotten/lost. We (1Password) are unable to assist with that.

    If you have any follow up questions please let me know.


  • Perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for. I so appreciate your help.

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    Awesome. So glad I could help. :) If you have any questions as you get to implementing it please feel free to write back. :+1:


  • Hi Ben- one quick question. I have set up the various vaults on devices. I moved almost all items from the original family shared vault (that auto shares with all family members) to a vault only my husband and I will share. I just noticed that all of the items I moved were also placed in the trash when they moved. So, when I set up the kids' laptops, all of those items are in the trash on their accounts as well.

    Before I empty the trash, just want to make sure it seems correct that these items were just moved to the trash in the main share vault when I moved them to another vault. It would be really bad if I am misreading this and delete over 800 items!


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    Good catch. Yes, you're right. What actually happens when you 'move' an item is:

    1. 1Password creates a duplicate item in the destination vault
    2. It then deletes the original (moves it to the Trash)

    This is less-than-desirable in the situation you've described. I'll make a note for our development team to further consider this situation and see if there is a way we can do better. But yes, for now, the answer would be to empty the trash after moving items, after verifying the items still exist as expected in the destination vault.


  • thanks so much!

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    You're very welcome. :)


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