Browser Extension doesn't work

When I come to a login form, there is a little 1Password icon on the right side of the text field. This is apparently meant to display 1Password.

However, when I click on it, it says I need to login from the toolbar icon. (See screenshot.) Trouble is, I'm already logged on via the toolbar icon.

Does this feature work for anyone else? Or is it disabled across the board?

1Password Version: 7.1.2
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.13.6
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hello @pablocruz23,

    That very helpful screenshot indicates you have 1Password X installed. Now the extension version you reported is that of our companion extension so it's possible you have both it and 1Password X present. That's partly our fault because we do currently have two extensions that serve different audiences.

    The companion extension, the one reporting as 4.7.3 is basically a bridge between the browser and 1Password. 1Password supplies all of the UI (User Interface) and the locked state is the same as 1Password for Mac. If you've been a 1Password user for a while it's the extension you'll be used to.

    1Password X is a newer extension. It was initially built to add support for ChromeOS and Linux, places where we don't have a native 1Password client. It only works with 1Password accounts though and as it is designed as a standalone extension it means it has to supply all of its own UI and is responsible for syncing, filling and maintaining its locked state. As it is independent of either 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows it can be locked while the native application is unlocked.

    Now some people prefer the interface and are willing to tolerate that it doesn't unlock alongside the native application and it's entirely the choice for the individual :smile:

    If you prefer the companion extension you will probably need to remove 1Password X and then check to see if the companion extension is installed but disabled as that's something 1Password X does. Once enabled though any behaviour you're used to should return, if it doesn't please let us know.

  • Got it. Yes, I was running both. I removed 1Password X.


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    Great! Glad lil bobby was able to help. :):+1:

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