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I know this is a repeat, but still...

I'm a consultant. I deal in literally hundreds of default passwords for setting up items like printers, routers, etc. that I need to keep around, as well s passwords for services not controlled by me, and as a result, this renders the watchtower feature far more onerous than helpful, as shy of renaming everything I can't do anything about - and still having to scan through the names to find the ones NOT renamed - I have no way to exclude potentially compromised/reused/weak passwords from the list.

In short, it generates a LOT of false positives.

Can we get some way to exclude entries we can't do anything about or cannot/will not "fix"?


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    @midknight32 - I hear you...but you have to know that your use-case is not a common one. It's not unheard of, certainly, but the vast majority of 1Password users are managing only their own 1Password data, and these are the people for whom we created these warnings. Very sophisticated tech workers probably don't need such warnings...but most people aren't very sophisticated tech workers, and they deserve good security as well. We're evaluating ways in which we can allow more-advanced users to bypass or suppress these warnings without giving less-sophisticated users a means by which they might (even inadvertently) defeat the very warning that's supposed to be benefiting them by pointing out duplicated passwords. I've nothing to announce on it at present, but we'll continue to evaluate, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your use-case with us.

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