Remove access to Family Vault for family member?

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Hi there,

I've recently added my mother-in-law to my family account, but don't have a need to allow her access to the Family Vault. How do I remove her access to this, while continuing to allow myself, wife and daughter to have access to it? I've poked around in her account under Manage, including unchecking/removing the green check mark next to Family Share, yet it still shows on her mobile device. I've temporarily disabled access to it on the device under Settings -> Vaults, but this is a band-aid, and not a fix.


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  • Hey :) did you want to remove her completely from your family account so she no longer has a 1Password account or just limit her access so she can't see whats shared between you and your wife and daughter?

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    Limit the access that she has. Though she's a family member, she doesn't/shouldn't have access to the Family Share vault.

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    As much as I have come to understand the family account through personal experience, with a family account for the default built-in shared vault every family member has access to it you can't remove certain people from that particular one. What you can do is only put information you do not mind everyone seeing in there. From there if you want a more private shared vault between you, your wife and daughter you can create a new 'shared family' vault that is separate and use that primarily for the information that you want to only share between you three. You can manage the access of this vault and limit it so your mother-in-law cannot see it.

  • Hello @kappabear,

    @nedmullen1 is correct, the default shared vault on a family account is accessible to everyone in the family.

    You can create a new vault and manage access to that new vault:

    Once the vault it created you can exclude any users you want. Then, you can move all the items you don't want those users to access to the new vault:

    Hopefully that info helps. Please let us know if you have questions or if you need any help along the way.

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