Trouble connecting to Chrome from 1Password 4

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    Hello. I have 1Password 4 and from yesterday my extension is not working after when chrome updated. The 1Password extension version is and chrome version is 72.0.3626.81. I tried to uninstall and install, i have in Help Advanced ''Native Messaging Protocol'', also i tried with ''Restart 1Password Helper''. The Firefox and Opera extension is working properly. Please help me... Thank you in advance!!!

  • Hello @louismare,

    I've split your ticket from the other because the other ticket was about 1Password for Mac and your reference to Help > Advanced would suggest this is 1Password 4 for Windows, quite a different set of possible causes.

    Due to a change in the signing certificate used by Chrome on the Windows side of things 1Password 4 can no longer verify authentic copies of Chrome. This particular check can be disabled and that option can be found in the menu Help > Advanced and is titled Verify web browser code signature. Disabling it should see things work again in Chrome but that does remove that particular form of protection for all browsers as a result. It may be worth checking out 1Password 7 for Windows and considering an update as well. You can learn more about it and the options available at Upgrade to 1Password 7 for Windows which includes the options for obtaining 1Password 7 as well as a link to what's new in it.

    If you're still having trouble with 1Password 4 for Windows please let me know but I think that disabling that check should bring at least temporary relief.

  • I am having the same problem. I have 1Password 4 standalone , and after new Chrome 72 update. The browser extension does not work. I dont want to disable any code signing check as that drops the security of 1Password. Is there any plans to fix it ? I imagine 1Password 4 is still a supported version.

    I dont need a membership as my needs are simple , if there is no plans to fix 1Password 4 , is there a standalone 1Password 7 for Windows and MacOS I can purchase ?

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    @memax I know you can pay to upgrade to a standalone 1Password 7 license by downloading it from their website not from the app store for mac because that's membership only you will also have to purchase it for Windows separately because it will not work across platforms
    When you launch it you should see “Need a license? We have those too” option on the Welcome Screen.

  • Does the 1Password for Windows work the same way ?

  • @nedmullen1 thank you for the info on Mac.

  • @memax you are welcome glad i could help a little :)

  • Will you fix this issue ?
    What is the meaning of canceling the browser code signature ?

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Hi @memax, @matanbr, and everyone else stumbling upon this thread.

    Does the 1Password for Windows work the same way ?

    Assuming you're talking about the standalone upgrade, it should be pretty much the same as on Mac. If you have trouble purchasing a license, let us know and we'll guide you through the whole process. :) Having said that, I would wholeheartedly recommend a membership.

    Will you fix this issue ?
    What is the meaning of canceling the browser code signature ?

    Google recently updated Chrome's signing certificate starting with Chrome 72, which means 1Password 4 can no longer recognize it. We will not be updating 1Password 4 to address this. While we're happy to continue helping out with 1Password 4 and totally understand that not everyone will want to upgrade to 1Password 7, we need to keep looking forward from a development perspective. There will come various points as 1Password 4 ages where certain things will just stop working as the world changes around it. Having said that, Opera still works fine, as will many other browsers. If you'd like to stick with 1Password 4, you still have options for saving and filling in your web browser, but Chrome 72+ will only work with 1Password 7.

    Alternatively, you can disable code signature check as @littlebobbytables mentioned here, but I wouldn't recommend it. Code signature checks have been put in place to check the integrity of your browser. Disabling those checks could potentially put you at risk should your browser be compromised.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

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