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  • markshineeoid
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    Hi 1Password Team,

    I am using your App on Fedora and I am using your web app. I am not seeing any options as you have mentioned within your webUI and I can not edit forms. Also when I create a new account it does not pick up what I have typed into my form on:

    This custom Form options is great but to maintain it, or add it to exciting logins seems to be impossible. I am "Lucky" if my credentials are added with the form and to administrate them is confusing. Please make this feature easier to maintain or use in WebUI.

  • markshineeoid
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    Also to note, I am using the chrome extention

  • AGAlumB
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    @markshineeoid: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion! The web interface does not have the ability to edit web form details. Only the 1Password desktop apps have that -- like the Windows version discussed in the thread you linked. Editing web form details is almost never necessary, and even when it might be helpful it often isn't with the way websites are designed. Most of the time if 1Password can't fill on a page, it's because it's so weird that even manually creating a Login item in JSON won't work. ;) And, frankly, no one should have to do anything like that anyway. So if you're having trouble with a specific website, let us know the specifics -- the exact OS, 1Password, browser, and extension versions you're using, and the URL -- so that we can test it and see what we can do to improve 1Password for everyone. :)

  • markshineeoid
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    Hello Brenty, Thank you for your fast reply. First of all, GREAT product. :)

    The problem I am in is, I am on Linux, The forgotten community of 1Password. (I understand we are only 2% of PC users)

    Anyways, I have a webform created automatically by AWS, your software/extention works great filling it in across multiple different accounts I have with AWS. The problem is I just added one and your app is not picking it up the new form and I cant add it, I cant add it as I dont have a desktop application. I am Fedora29.

    What can I do? Install a Windows VM to add a form? damn, that would suck.

  • Hi @markshineeoid

    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the situation, but I see two possible things we could be talking about:

    1. If you just want to save a new Login item you can do that with 1Password X. Click on the 1Password icon in the form field, click the ... in the upper right-hand corner, and then click 'save login':
    2. If for some reason you really do need to edit the web form details on an item you may be able to accomplish that using the 1Password CLI.


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