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Hi there, the small business I work for is migrating everyone onto 1Password Teams. I've set up the Team account and have a few employees up on it, mostly assisting them through the process. One co-worker took the initiative to get set up on their own, but in doing so ended up creating an individual account rather than waiting for an invite to the team.

Is there a way to merge her account into the team account so they don't need to start over from scratch? They already completed changing and adding all their passwords to their vault.


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  • Hi @NolanM,

    The employee who created their own individual account can move their items to their personal vault of the team account.
    There is no merge functionality, but you can easily move or copy items between vaults and between accounts if you're signed in to both accounts in one of the 1Password apps.

    1. Ask the employee to accept the team invite and create the 1Password account that is part of the team.
    2. They will need to then sign in to that account on the same 1Password app that they've been using for an individual account.
    3. Move or Copy items ( Our support article on how to copy or move items. )
    4. After they have moved items over, they can delete their individuals account from their billing page.

    Let me know how they get on or if I can be of any help.

  • NolanM
    Community Member

    Thanks Benji! They've just gone on holiday but when they get back I'll work with them to move their passwords over and deactivate the personal account. Will let you know if there's any issues then.

  • Cheers @NolanM - here when you need us! :+1:

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