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In my testing over the past month, the SCIM bridge was syncing users just fine. Yesterday, we announced the rollout and I added the first wave of "real" users to our AD groups that sync to 1Password...and they're not appearing in 1Password.

The "Provisioning" page in Azure AD reports that syncing is happening; specifically right now it says:

"Synchronization was last run on Wed Feb 06 2019 08:47:35 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)"

That's this morning...I added all these users over 18 hours ago. Other than a note about the synchronization being in quarantine and frequency reduced (which is always there), I don't see any errors. How to troubleshoot this?

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  • rogersmj
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    I had to clear the current state and restart the sync. About 2 hours later, all the users showed up in 1Password.

  • cohix
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    @rogersmj if you encounter this issue again, could you please get the SCIM bridge logs and send them in an email to [email protected] (and include SCIM in the title) so that we can see if any errors occurred on the bridge? I'm glad that this is working now. Likely a one-time error that caused AAD to flag the sync (this is an unfortunate design choice by Azure, but alas...)

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