Email notifications for accessing need-to-know-only items

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Does 1password provide email notifications for whenever a certain confidential item in the vault is viewed?

For example, a server's root password should not be viewed by anyone unless there is an emergency, and if someone does view it (in case of emergency, for example), then it should launch a process within the company for creating a new password, so that in normal situations only one person knows it. It is too tedious to click through all items in the vault and look at the item history for every item once a week.

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  • isha_ag
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    Hello Kaisa, that's an interesting use case. Currently there isn't a way to set up alerts on specific items.

    I do have a suggestion for you though - you could try placing the hi-pri items in a specific vault just for those types of items. This way running a vault usage report on this vault should only show the events that you want to look into? This will still require looking at it manually but should reduce the scope a bit.

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