chrome extension stopped working.



  • The last time I bought the license it covered both Mac and Windows as well as my Android phone, which wasn't the case. It wasn't until about 30 days after that I was told I had to pay the $7.99 for the Android app Pro Version, which really wasn't cool at all.

    "You don't need a license to use 1Password on mobile devices - the basic app is free and you can pay to unlock the pro features" - But I just paid for all the other O/S options and now you want more?

    Considering I paid around $90 or more CAD less than 3 years ago for both the Windows and OSX options (which is a cash grab in itself, one license should be that one license regardless of the O/S considering what you are selling.).

    We have 1Password For Business for work, which is what I have on my Mac but I also would like to be able to use the same interface for my vault in DropBox to be able to see them in the same environment, but I am not shelling out another $50 USD ( $67 CAD) to simple be able to access my personal passwords on my Windows machine at home as well as my Mac at work.

    Time to pack it in on 1Password for my personal use where I have a say in where I spend my money. Sorry.

  • HAHA, just installed the update, with my dropbox list for my personal, then attached my work vault, only to have the app crash on start with no error or anything. Can't even open it now.

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    @DrMcNasty if your company has 1Password Business, then you get a free 1Password Families account as an added benefit.

    The family account entitles you to use 1Password across all your devices, without any restrictions and without the need to buy licenses on any platforms. It also removes the need to use Dropbox as a sync medium, as you use for that, which offers a more secure and more reliable experience.

    Regarding your crash, which is this on, macOS or Windows?

  • The crash is on Windows. It came up as read only then I added in the business account and now it starts, I unlock it, then it just disappears before I can do anything.

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    @DrMcNasty Can you please email a diagnostic report from this device to [email protected]?

    If the crash happens only after you unlock the app, note that you are able to send a diagnostic report from there even before unlocking the app.

  • I renamed the entire folder under AppData\Local and reinstalled and it seems to be happy again.

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    Excellent. Thanks for the update! It sounds like maybe a database from an old version. You should be all set, but we're here if you need us. :)

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