How can I run an audit between an old vault and vault it got upgraded to?

My wife and I have been 1Password users for many many years. I always bought us new one-time licenses when there were features worth upgrading to and the most recent version of the software we were running was 1Password 7.

Vaults were kept on Dropbox and synced across multiple devices and all worked great.

Finally I decided it made sense to move us to the new subscription based product as we do have some need to share account information between accounts while still maintaining individual private vaults.

I upgraded the vault on my device and since then have been in a kind of 1Password hell. The vault upgrade was successful, but at the time I noticed that there was a discrepency between the number of items in the old vault and the number of items in the new vault. I didn't think much of it at the time as there wasn't any additional detail provided that I recall.

After becoming confused about duplicate entries between new and old vaults, I removed my old vault and did the same for my wife (the naming of the default vaults is extremely confusing IMO and my wife was really really confused about which vault she was supposed to be using post-migration).

Since then I have, on at least twenty occasions tried to find entries in my 1Password vault that I've used multiple times in the past and discovered they are simply missing. This has resulted in my having to track down account details, reset passwords, re-enter the information into 1Password, etc... It is extremely frustrating and an enormous waste of my time, especially as I do IT work professionally and have hundreds and hundreds of entries for accessing systems, online resources, notes with serial #s, etc.

Since I only had one vault I am perplexed on what is causing this missing data. I have observed that most (all?) of the missing items seem to have been entered into my 1Password vault during the summer of 2018. I was standing up a new office system for my wife and was turning up and creating dozens of new accounts for services and device logins.... I know the entries were good because I was relying on them on almost a daily basis for a period of a couple of weeks. I then upgraded to the newer 1Password version last fall and since then many entries have vanished.

Is there a way to do an audit that will show me what is in an old format vault and compare it to what is in my newer vault?


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  • Corey_CCorey_C

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    Hi there @jmpage2

    That is certainly strange. The items should have been migrated but apparently some things are missing. Unfortunately, the only way to do such an audit would be to load the old vault up from a backup or sync keychain and compare the two vaults manually.

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